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I Like To Thank you!

I like to thank Sally E. Bahner from Animal Wellnes magazine in her article Choosing A Cat Carrier. I also like to thank Ian Morris from Self Pet Care for reviewing our product in The Best Cat Carrier article. Thank you Dog handler Jarrett Gilpin from MyPetNeedsThat for reviewing our toys in your article Best Toys For Blind Dogs. Thank you for all your hard work and time to review Our products. To my customers and newsletter subscribers, I like to thank you for your trust in us and reviewing us on other sites too. Here are just a few. Original pet carrier reviews: Thank you everyone!          

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What color do you like your new pet carrier to be? :)

  Update: The Winning Colors by order: Beautiful Blue, Lavender, Bright Orange and Bright Pink. Thank you for voting! Get massive discounts starting at 1/2 off! Get your paws on them here. Be fast because we limited the use they have! We need your help! We would like your help in picking the colors for your new pet carriers.see the colors available in the picture above.Please click on the link to take our poll. You can pick ONE color.Click on this link  HERE . View Details about the new pet carrier      

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