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In Case You Missed It. What I Discovered My Dog Doing In The Garden + New Toys

I added some New pictures to Instagram and I wanted to share some cute pictures of my dog having fun. You can see more cute pictures on our Instagram page. New toy set and Wicked Giggle balls are Back!. 5 Dog treasures-See them Light up here (limited) Popular Light up Wicked Giggle balls are back  Coming Soon New Harem Comfortable Dog walking pants and more surprises.   Subscribe To Our Mailing List And Find Our Latest Discovery And Deals * indicates required First Name Email Address *

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You Won't believe What We Found in The Street And What happen to our site.

We were walking at night and spotted something hitting every parked car tire.   We walked closer ..we noticed as he tried to cross the street, he used his nose to touch the floor. He ran into the bushes making difficult to catch him. We finally did and noticed he didn't have eyes. He went to an eye specialist, received the surgery he needed. She told us he was born with Anophthlmia Microphthalmia and believed he has a neurological disorder. We kept him because the alternative wasn't an option. We named him Jules(also known as Julian) and he is avoiding our cats but playing with our dogs.   Jules A happy Kitty. What happened to our site? We are bringing a bunch of...

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The Pigs & Emoji Balls Are Back + Easily Figure Out Your Pet's Age In Human Years

The Big Pigs & Emoji Balls Are Backs but only limited are available.  Buy Pigs Toy Today, While they are still available. (Sorry Sold out) More toys below: Emoji Ball Doy Toys are here     An interesting Find To Share With You. I found This interesting flyer hanging on the wall.  You can easily figure out your Pet's age in human years. This flyer is from Pethealth network.   More Fun Stuff: Air, Water and Ground Sports Dog Ball That light up    Fun Gifts Wicked Giggle Sound Ball With Funny bounce and Light up Toys that Sparks Dog Curiosity Sensory toy With 4 sounds, Lights up, and Delish Scent. Fun games, Sports and Training   More unique toys here        ...

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Say Goodbye To Messy Litter For Good With This Clever Trick

  You can finally stop cleaning messy litter on the floor and no more late-night surprises with litter that somehow end up in your bed.  Want to End the frustrating chore of cleaning up and carrying heavy litter bags for good? This is really a simple solution. I have several cats and I discovered this is the easiest way to clean cat box without the mess. We used this exact process with feral cats so we know this process works. All you need is: An empty litter box and dog training pads.You still need to keep some litter around but just until you get your cat used to using the pads. Important- recommend pearl crystal cat litter- the one with the round...

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