How To Exercise Your Dog The Fun Way-Top 8 Dog Ball Games

Easy Dog Ball Games

Dogs require both mental and physical exercise every day to stay peaceful, healthy, and happy. This is extremely important to keep your furry friend out of trouble.  These games are also Fun dog birthday party games ideas for dog parties or dog meetups.

  1. How Do You Exercise Your Dog In A Fun Way?
  2. How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?
  3. How To Mentally Stimulate Your Dog With Enrichment Games For Dog?
  4.  What To Do With Bored Dogs? Some Fun Dog Games To Play
  5. Muffin Tin Puzzle-A Game For The Mind
  6. The Hunt Dog Game-Burn Your Dogs Energy With This Game
  7. Magic Dog Cups Game-A Fun Indoor Dog Game
  8. Keep Away-Indoor & Outside Dog Game
  9. Splash Game-Fun Games To Play With Your Dog Outside
  10. Speed Demons-Interactive Games For Dogs
  11. Dribbling The Ball-A Fun Way To Exercise Your Dog
  12. Scavenger Hunt-Hunt For Treasures
  13. Ready To Exercise Your Dog The Fun Way?

If you are looking for a fun way to bond with your furry companion, dog games can be a great choice. By playing games, you can spend quality time with your dog.

Dog games are a lot of fun for the dog and the owner alike.

How Much Exercise Does Your Dog Need?

The level of exercise your furry pal needs is largely influenced by dog breed.

Your dog's exercise requirements vary depending on their breed, size, energy levels, age, stamina, and physical and mental limitations.

 Exercising with your furry friend should not be a burden for you or your dog. Every activity and game should be a fun bonding activity between you two.

How To Mentally Stimulate Your Dog With Enrichment Games For Dog?

Well, the good news is that there are plenty of fun ways to mentally stimulate your dog. These games all require dog balls or plush chew toys.

Dog games can be played both indoors and outdoors. Listed below are some interesting fun games you can play with your dog to stimulate both their mind and body.

 Wondering What To Do With Bored Dogs? 

Here Are Some Fun Games To Play With Your Dog

Try this dog game

1. Muffin Tin Puzzle-A Game For The Mind

Dog Ball game

Looking for a simple way to keep your furry pal's mind busy? The mentally enriching “Muffin Tin” is a great game for dogs.  It is a wonderful and low-cost game to play with your dog indoors, especially on cold winter days.

What do I need to play:


To enjoy this scintillating mind game, you’ll need 

  • Muffin tin
  • Some yummy treats
  • Up to 6 balls or more depends on tray slots

    How to play:


    1. To play this, you simply place a small-sized treat in a small muffin tin. Then cover the treat with a ball. After this let your dog figure out where the ball treat is.

    2. Introduce your dog to the ball slowly and gradually. When starting, cover half the spaces in a muffin tin.

    3. As you hide the treat with a ball, your dog will take his time in figuring out that under each ball is a tasty treat.

    Dog-Mind-Games4.Each time you play this game, add more balls until each muffin tin cup is covered, or change up the pattern!

    This activity will challenge your dog mentally, and keep those destructive instincts at bay. 

    When my dogs played the game, Ella decided to cheat :)



    Senior Dogs & Blind Dogs Can play this game. You can remove balls and try crushing up paper  into a ball.


    The Hunt-Burn Your Dogs Energy With This Game

    What To Do With Bored Dogs?

    You can teach your dog to do basic nose work so he can feel like one of those hero search-and-rescue dogs.

    The hunt-doggy game challenges your dog to use his sense of smell, rather than an obvious visual stimulus, to find his target.

    Much like hide-and-seek, “hunt-doggy game” taps into your dog’s incredible scenting abilities by letting them use only their sense of smell to find the hidden ball.

    What do I need to play:

    Dog ball or dog ball toys with light

    How to play:

    1. Start by getting your dog excited over one of his favorite balls.

    2. Then have him stay while you hide it in an obvious place, like peeking out from under the chair.

    3. Give the command, “find it!” in an excited voice and allow him to search.

    4. At the beginning of teaching your dog this new game, don’t make your hiding place too difficult for your dog to find the ball.

    5. After a few repetitions, your dog should understand what the “find it” command means. Also, you will be able to hide the ball in increasingly tougher spots.

    6. When your pup finds the ball, you need to praise and reward the dog.

    7. Allow your dog to grab it and play with it for a minute or two.

    8. Play the game as long as your dog and you want to play. Make the hiding places more and more challenging.

    You can also hide the ball in a different room where they can’t see it, then tell them to find it. Watch how they use their amazing nose to uncover it.

      It’s the ultimate quick game to play with your dog as it only takes a few rounds to make them pant with exhaustion.

      Don’t forget to let your dog have some playtime with the toy once they find it! Celebrate the big accomplishment, once they’ve figured out where the ball is.

      Don’t let the rain or winter blues ruin the whole day. Once you teach your dog to play, it will be one of your dog’s favorite games in no time.

      You don’t even have to exert much effort for this one, so grab a ball and play a little game of "find the ball."

      Magic Cups-A Fun Indoor Dog Game

      Dog Games-Muffin Tin Puzzle

      The 'shell game' or 'magic cups' offers varied mental stimulation for your dog. The game is ideal for a better bonding experience and increased mental stimulation.

      This fun game offers an opportunity to work on basic training commands, such as sit and stay and find it.

      What do I need to play:

      Inspired by the classic childhood shell game, the magic cup game for dogs uses

      • Three plastic cups

      • One dog ball to create a mental hunt for your dog

      • A hard level surface

      How to play:

      1. Firstly, find a great open space with a hard-level surface to play this game.

      2. Line up all three cups in front of your dog and hide the ball under one cup.

      3. Shuffle these three cups in front of your dog and then tell them to find the ball.

      4. It's better to encourage your dog to tap the cups over at first so that they get the hang of it.

      5. When your dog successfully finds the ball, reward him with lots of praise and a quick play with the ball.

      6. Then repeat.

      For lazy pet parents, this game doesn’t require any physical exertion from you. So, sip your coffee and enjoy the time with your furry companion.

      (optional- you also add scent to the ball to help your dog find the toy too. You can rub your dog’s favorite treat or use synthetic prey scent spray)     

      Keep Away-A Fun Game To Play With Your Dog Inside Or Outside


      The Keep away also called monkey in the middle is the same as the children’s game. With two people, throw the ball to each other and allow your dog to try and intercept and catch the ball in the air.

      If you are by yourself you can throw the ball up against a wall.


      You keep the game interesting with The squeaky flying star Just throw it like a frisbee.

      Don’t forget to let your dog win a few times.

      What do I need to play:

      How to play:

      1. If you are playing indoors, pick an area of your house with plenty of room.

      2. Stand on opposite sides of the room and play catch with one of your dog’s balls.(Dog game can be played outdoors too.)

      3. The dog will be in the middle.

      4. After a few passes, your dog will probably run between the other participants, chasing the ball as you pass it back and forth.

      5. The distance between the two people can increase as the puppy becomes used to the game.

         Puppies are little bundles of energy. You can give them productive ways to expend that energy by playing “Keep Away.”

        The game also reinforces the basic "sit” and “come” commands. It also enhances name recognition and teaches a puppy to run up and sit to get attention.

         Letting your dog win makes the game more engaging. When playing “Keep Away,” let your dog have the ball from time to time. Give them a few minutes to play with the ball before taking it back.

        Splash Game-Fun Games To Play With Your Dog Outside


        Dogs and water often go together like kids and candy. When the dog days of summer threaten to stretch into boredom, just add water.

         Some dog breeds love being in the water and are great swimmers. If you have a four-legged best friend that is a good swimmer, take your dog with you to enjoy a pool.

        In hotter climates, playing water games with dogs may be the best option for summer fun. You can exercise your dog while simultaneously helping them to beat the summer heat.

        What do I need to play:

        •  The Dog balls that float (Please note the ball that float and do not make sound can go in the water. These balls are  linked. This game is not for the ball that play sounds because they are not waterproof)

        • Kiddie pool

        How to play:

        1. Fill a hard plastic kiddie pool with water.

        2. To play this game, stand at the end of a pool, and throw a ball to the other end for your dog to chase.

        3. Watch your furry friend leap in to retrieve it. Encourage them to bring it back.

        4. Remember to start slow and in shallow water and let your dog built-up to the game.

        5. Take the time to build confidence in your dog.

        6. Take suitable breaks when needed.

        7. Watch your kids and dog hit the water, making a huge splash.

        8. Don't make the game over-competitive. Keep it light and fun.

        It is essential to show your furry child how to be well-mannered, as it's part of being a great dog parent. Splash games will no doubt keep your dog endlessly entertained all summer long.

        Speed Demons-Interactive Games For Dogs

        What Games Dogs Like To Play

        Dogs love both playing and pleasing their humans and speed demons involve both of these things.

        Out Door Dog Games


        What do I need to play:

        Dog ball and different ball
        Some delicious treats

        How to play:

        So what can you do to help your dog learn the game like a pro?

        1. Before you start, give your ball a scent.

        2. Let your dog sniff it and get accustomed to the scent.

        3. The key to the game is to use two distinctly different balls.

        4. Find a less distracting suitable open space that is generally quiet.

        5. First, send the ball only a small distance.

        6. The next step is getting your dog to bring it back to you.

        7. As soon as your dog finds the ball, recall him immediately. The aim is to get him to run as fast as he can, pick up the ball, and retrieve it.

        8. Reward your dog every time with a treat.

        9. Now you can introduce the second ball and let your dog run, and retrieve it.

         Make sure that you have plenty of water to avoid overheating. Limit the game session to 15-minutes at the most. The game is ideal for dogs that love balls.

        Dribbling The Ball-A Fun Way To Exercise Your Dog (My Dogs love This Game) 

        Ever watched a basketball game? You know just how often players dribble. Dribbling is a crucial skill for anyone interested in playing basketball.

        It not only provides physical and mental exercise for you and your dog, but it is another great way for you to bond.

        What do I need to play:

        Bouncing Dog ball

        How to play:

        1. Start dribbling the balls so your dog can chase them.

        2. Varying how much you tap the ball is important too. You don't have to be very fastest all the time.

        The key is to change your speed enough times to challenge your dog. Don't be afraid to slow down or speed up.

        3.You can add music to the game so you both can have exercise!

        4.Generously reward your dog with a high-value treat each time they play well.

         As you can probably tell already, this fun game is simple to learn but offers a great way to exercise.

        Scavenger Hunt-Hunt For Treasures

        Exercise Your Dog

        Make your dog's mealtime into a game to keep them entertained and exercised. This game is great for bored dogs, puppies, and senior dogs.

        What do I need to play:

        How to play:

        1. Fill a kiddie pool with dog balls and scatter your dog’s treats throughout.

        2. Invite your dog to go in and investigate.

        3. At first, they may be a little unsure, so let your fur buddy take their time and help where needed

        4. Watch that nose work!

        5. With the balls that squeak and balls that bounce, plus your dog's favorite treat your dog won't get bored with this game

        6. Also makes great games for multi-dog households or makes an excellent game for dog parties- this can become a group activity as well.

        A super cute video that is similar to Scavenger Hunt for dogs.


        Even if it takes a while to teach your dog a food game, don't get discouraged. Letting your dog learn and helping keep their mind stimulated is what’s important.

        Ready To Exercise Your Dog The Fun Way?

        There’s no shortage of fun activities you can do with your dog, even when you’re cooped up inside.

        By exercising your dog in a fun way, you will prevent many health risks and enjoy some good bonding time as well.

        Be sure to make the most of it and develop their mental and physical skills.

         All dogs need something to play, chase, push, or chew. For this, balls would be the best solution. Dog balls are an essential part of any dog toy basket. For many dogs, a ball is much more rewarding than dog treats and last longer too.

        It is important that you get a dog ball that is durable, easy to grab, and has excellent bounce. A The balls that floats in water is a good option too. Adding plush dog toys to the game also adds extra interest to the game.

        After all, your beloved dogs deserve only the very best!

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