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3 Dog Balls Toys New Brighter Lights
Bouncy Jumping Activation Balls for Small Medium Dogs & Puppies
Fun Pet Gift Musical Sounds For Blind & Old Dogswith Old & Blind Dogs

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Light up Dog ball toys

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Light up dog toys
  • 3 DIFFERENT WAYS TO CAPTURE YOUR PET ATTENTIONS WITH ONE BALL-3 balls included-Discover colorful dancing lights, listen to funny teasing sounds + high bounce to keep your dog coming back to these toys. Fun to watch your pet enjoy these balls.
  • BETTER THEN GLOW IN THE DARK BALLS-You don’t need pitch black darkness to see these balls light up No time restriction -(Play anytime) colorful balls can be seen and heard in daylight or night.Editor's choice in Dog World Magazine
  • TOYS SLIGHTLY SHAKE IN YOUR HAND-Activate ball and lightly squeeze ball to Feel little quakes and see colorful Led lights that bring toys to life-Dog toys slightly throbs resembling the feeling of live prey, your dogs will be enticed to chase and play fetch with these toys+ flashing lights make them easy to spot
  • BLIND AND OLD DOGS CAN HAVE FUN TOO-We had 15 years old Schnauzer with cataracts that played like a puppy with these toys- blind dogs can have fun because they hear funny sounds and vibrations.
  • Easy To Grab Size-Ball size for small, medium dogs, puppies, and older dogs. Special design holes allow your pets to easily run with these toys in their mouth-Size 2.25” Not for aggressive chewers

Editor's Choice in Dog World Magazine

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Surprise Your Dog With Something Sweet.

Discover why these Musical light up balls will drive dogs boredom just fun.
These fun balls will capture your pet's attention with not only the funny sounds that come out
from them, but also with the distinctive lights that make these balls glow. Toys bounce too!

Toys are perfect size not too hard and not too big for small and medium dogs.
2.25" balls are little smaller than tennis ball 2.70"


blind dog toyspuppy toys

See Picture of  a Blind Dogs having fun playing fetch
Look at the reaction of 15-year-old Schnauzer acting like a puppy when he played with these
toys+ 4-month Maltese puppy running with joy with the durable Led ball in her mouth.

Blind dogs can enjoy these toys because of the funny Musical sounds+toys slightly shakes
. A delightful gift will entertain both you.

Toys are easy to spot-Blues ball have colorful lights and musical sounds

*Hassle free-sounds and lights turn off automatically-you won't have to search and hunt for these balls just to turn them off.

3 in 1 piece mind at a fair price
You'd have to buy three balls to match this! (You'd won't find any ball that lights
up, plays musical sounds, bounce all in ones) No one sells musical balls!

Dogs can't resist the temptation to chase these noisy balls
Try it now, click the order button above to discover and experience dynamic ball
that will charm your dog ABSOLUTELY RISK-FREE!

No time limit to play an interactive game of fetch
Play anytime time of the day. The durable balls can be seen and heard in daylight or night.

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