Can Dogs Eat Grilled Barbecue Chicken? Free Recipe Ideas

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Can Dogs Eat Grilled Chicken?

Do you want to cook for your dogs today? Have you ever asked yourself,

Can Dogs Eat Grilled Chicken?

Yes. Your dog can eat plain grilled chicken, however, a better option is to offer your dog a variety of different meals, so that he can get the best nutritional coverage.

The chicken should be bone-free, and the portion should not be too large. Depending on the size of the dog. Chicken is a good source of protein and provides Omega 6 fatty acids. When you cook this for your dog, leave it plain don't add salt, pepper, onion, or garlic as non of these seasonings are suitable for dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Grilled BBQ Chicken?

When you buy a cooked BBQ chicken the skin will be highly seasoned, so it is best to cook plain chicken for your dog. The plainer the chicken the better, as the dog digestive system differs vastly from that of humans.

Some dogs have allergies, and if he shows any sensitivity to the chicken, don't give it to him again, as allergies often worsen with continual exposure to allergens.

 Type of Chicken Dogs Can And Can't Eat

Can Dogs Eat Grilled Chicken Breast?

Yes. Cook the chicken for the dog on the griddle or grill, and then remove the skin. The skin is fat and is not healthy for your dog. Feeding your dog homecooked meals helps to control his weight.

When you cook you can count the calories a bit, if you have a Labrador you can exercise some portion control. This way your dog will get the right nutrition and won't have any dietary deficits.

Can Dogs Eat BBQ Chicken Wings?

No, chicken wings contain bones, and dogs should not eat them.
Experts say not to feed your dog cooked chicken wings. The bones in the wings become brittle when cooked, and could break and splinter causing shards of bone to pierce the dog or worse pierce his intestines if he swallows them whole.
Dogs don't always chew their food but tend to gulp it down, making cooked bones highly dangerous.
 Can Dogs Eat Honey Chicken?
Yes, they can, but honey is not good for the teeth. However, experts say that small amounts of honey can be of benefit to the dog, and they seem to like honey chicken. On further reading, when cooking this at home use raw honey to give your dog the greatest nutritional benefit.

Can Dogs Eat Grilled Chicken Nuggets?


No. When you buy  chicken nuggets from a fast food outlet the nuggets will be processed meat, highly seasoned, and are not suitable for your dog. The processed nuggets will contain lots of salt, and although your dog will eat them, this is not a food recommended for dogs. 


Can Dogs Have BBQ Sauce On Chicken?

No, as it could contain substances that are toxic to the dog, like onion and garlic. You don't want your dog to become sick, so keep him away from the sauce.

Always keep your dog's chicken as plain as possible, and check to make sure all the bones have been removed. If you have a puppy who is getting used to eating proper dog meals, cut the cooked chicken into smaller bits.

What Can I Add to My Dog's Chicken for Flavor?

You should ask your vet first but one possibility is to add a small drizzle of olive oil for flavoring.

Another idea that my dogs really love is when I add beef liver to their meal. The pickiest eaters do not leave anything behind. It does stink when you cook it, but your dogs will love it! 

Another question that you might ask is,

Can I add Chicken Broth to Dog Food?

Chicken Broth for dogs

Yes, chicken broth or chicken noodle soup when it is homemade is perfect to add to your dog's meal.

An old dog with failing teeth will like chicken soup, keep the bits of chicken chopped up small. Added to a bland chicken meal it gives flavor and adds nutritional value to the dog's food.

When chicken bones are slowly cooked in a broth, they begin to meltdown and release the collagen, this, in turn, thickens up the soup and makes it into much more nutritious food. It can be just what your dog needs to keep him fit and healthy through winter.

Protein is the key to body repair, so adding some chopped cooked chicken pieces into the soup mix will make a great meal for the dog.

Keep some chicken stock in the freezer so that you can add it to your dog food later on for flavoring.

Can Dogs Eat Grilled BBQ Chicken, When it Lacks Flavor?

Dogs like foods to have flavor and a simple way of making your dog's chicken tastier is to add a flavor enhancer. Always ask your vet before introducing new food to your dog.

 The first one is the Turkey Gravy recipe.

  • Add a plain cooked turkey sausage(make sure it doesn't have any seasoning &spices)
  • 1 cup cooked rice
  • mixed vegetables
  • half a cup of plain broth

Blend the above ingredients in the blender or processor.

Heat thoroughly & mix with chicken and your dog will love it.

The second enhancer is made with

  • ground beef.
  • vegetables
  • cooked rice

All ingredients are cooked together and blended into a gravy. Another suitable and healthy flavor enhancer to pour over the dog's chicken.

Here is a quick tip:

 To save some time, keep some fresh frozen portion sizes of your dog's chicken dinner in the freezer. When you are ready to prepare your dog's next meal just reheat and serve it to your dog. 

Is It OK to Mix Chicken with Dog Food?

The British Veterinary Journal* recommends feeding your dog a varied diet.

Yes, like us; dogs require a mixture of different nutritious foods. If you mix chicken with dog food be sure to only add a small portion of chicken. You do not want to be adding too much fat & protein to your dog food.

Can A Dog Eat Chicken Breast Every Day?

How much Grilled Chicken can a dog eat?

Your dog can eat about 4 oz of grilled chicken a day, ideally mixed with vegetables, rice, and other suitable foods. Give this to your dog about 4 x times a week, and vary it to something different on the other days.

You can ask your vet for recommendations about the right amounts to give the dog depending on size. 

As a dog, just like a person enjoys some diet. Using home-cooked foods gives you some control over your dog's calorie intake and weight, and dogs like people are becoming heavier so you will want to keep their weight in check with calorie portioned meals.

6 Benefits of Giving My Dog Chicken

  There are many benefits to giving a dog chicken, and some of them are:

  • A good source of protein, fats, and other nutrients
  • Makes the coat shiny
  • Good for the skin as it contains Omega 6
  • Chicken is healthier than processed dog food(chicken should be cooked to avoid salmonella infection
  • Provides the right amount of daily protein for good health
  • Easy to eat for old dogs, especially with added broth.

Can Dogs Eat Grilled BBQ Chicken? Conclusion

Now you know that cooking plain chicken is healthy for your dog and is a good source of protein and provides Omega 6 fatty acids. Be sure to try out some of the delicious recipes!


With the right food, your dog should live a long and healthy life with your family. 

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Can Dogs Eat Grilled Chicken?



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