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Snuffle Mat For Dogs, Snuffle Mat For Cats, Slow Feeder Mat

Snuffle Mat For Dogs, Snuffle Mat For Cats, Slow Feeder Mat

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snuffle Dog Mat Toy,Cat Snuffle Mat, Slow FeederDog Puzzle toy
Snuffle mat for dogs
Snuffle mat for cats

I made a snuffle mat for my dogs and I discovered my cats enjoy the snuffle mat too. I used the more expensive fleece called anti-pilled. Be sure to check the video to see my pet enjoying the mat.

Best Pet-toy

I made the snuffle mat with a plastic mat. It is machine washable and can be left out to dry. Note: Best to put the snuffle mat in a laundry bag and place it in the machine to wash)

The way the snuffle mat works -It is a fun brain game for dogs and cats.

You hide some of your pet's favorite treats and they have to hunt for them by sniffing them out. It's the fun classic game of a treasure hunt for your pets. The snuffle mat will keep them busy and happy when they find their favorite treasure.

Everybody enjoys the mat!

The size of the snuffle mat is approx. 15"x 13"


Your Pet's Happiness is Our Priority: 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed or Your Money Back, Upon Return in Original Condition!

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