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Sheraton Luxuries

Real Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set for Women and Pet-14 KT Gold Filled

Real Freshwater Pearl Necklace Set for Women and Pet-14 KT Gold Filled

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Floating real pearl necklace. See the June birthstone gold pearl necklace handmade in Florida USA. 

Real Freshwater Pearl Necklace

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Looking For A New Necklace For Your Jewelry Collection?

New Necklace For Jewelry Collection

Necklaces come in a multitude of styles and materials, and this overwhelming array of choices can make choosing the right one a challenge.

But if you're looking for a necklace that conveys timeless beauty, class, and elegance, we got just what you're looking for right here.

Plus, if you have a pet pooch and would love to have matching necklaces, we have you covered, too!

We Added An Extra Touch-Every Necklace comes with This Cute Handmade Gift Box. In addition, this unique box comes with a heartfelt message displayed across the box that reads, "Just For You."

Unique jewelry box

Complete your look with pet lover jewelry that exudes sophistication and style with the Sheraton Luxuries Real Freshwater Pearl Necklace!

Real Freshwater Pearl Pet Necklace

Tabitha Is modeling this classic Freshwater Pearl Necklace.

- Made with real, premium-quality freshwater pearls

- Comes in 2 variants: 14KT gold-filled chains OR 14KT gold-filled mixed with gold-plated chains

- Designed with a handmade dainty heart pendant that makes the dog mom necklace more unique

- Available as an individual piece or as a matching set for dogs and dog owners

- Crystal Initials can be added upon request

Culture Pearl Necklace In Gold-Pet Necklace
Sabrina Showing off This Beautiful Pearl Necklace. We left this loose to show Necklace can be adjustable. The necklace can adjust smaller if needed.
Real Pet pearl Necklace with initials


- Perfect gifts for birthdays, holidays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, or anniversaries

 Handmade to order. Custom-sized necklace sizing available

Matching Dog Pearl Necklace & Women Pearl Necklace set

Gold Pearl Birthstone Necklace

14KT Gold Filled-Pearl-Choker Necklace

Real Freshwater Pearl Necklace

Pearl Necklace Set for Pet and Pet Owner

Need More Time To Decide? Here are more reasons to love these charming real freshwater pearl necklaces:

- Pearls measure approximately 5/16" in diameter approx 8mm

- The dog owner necklace has 14 pearls and a total chain length of about 16-3/4 " with an extension of 2"

- The dog necklace has 9 pearls and a total chain length of around 13-1/8" with an extension of 2"

- Designed with lobster claw lock

- Handmade in Florida, USA

- Damaged your necklace? We'll repair it for free!

- A great way to show off how much you love your pet and is wonderful for memorable photo moments. 

Refine your jewelry collection with a luxurious fashion accessory that you can share with your fabulous pooch! Get the Sheraton Luxuries Matching Dog and Owner Pet Necklace Set now!




Gold Filled & Gold plated Necklace
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