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Soft Plush Dog Toy-Stuffed Mouse Squeaky Toy-Handmade Dog Toy Gift-New Puppy Gift-Cute Dog Toy-Dog Adoption Gift-Unique Dog Toy Made In USA

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The 1st plush dog toy is strong enough for a kid, safe for a baby, but it is made for dogs.

Unique Soft Fairytale Mouse Toy With Soo Many Sounds.

  • Beep Toy For Blind Toys-Throw toy up in the air, drag it on the floor or just tap it and hear the mouse squeak.
  • Play Tug Of War and hear the squeaks and shake hear rattles
  • FLOOD YOUR DOG SENSES WITH SOUNDS- Not only does the mouse have teasing mouse sounds it also has soft squeakers that dogs love to discover. The toy is a crinkle sound toy too.
  • IDEAL &STRONG-for puppies, old  & blind dogs. Made with soft fleece fabric, super soft plush stuffing, and professionally strengthen with reinforced stitches.
  • FUN ENTERTAINING TOY-Let your little one chase, fetch, grab, and explore with excitement! 
  • EASY TO ACTIVATE-Just touch the mouse to activate sounds. 
  • SAFE-No loose part to worry about because the noise and eyes are meticulously embroidered by hand.
  •  HANDMADE-in the USA. Spot clean. size: 10"L (nose to tail)x4"W  Designed by Sheraton Luxuries
  • Made to order

                                                                                                                  Available in: grey and white. Toys are made to order. 
New Mouse With squeaky sounds-This one is washable

                                                                                                                                           (Tabitha and Ella Playing)

Available in: grey and white. Toys are made to order. Size: For small, medium, and large dogs.

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