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Crescent Moon Charm Necklace Gold Jewelry- Pretty Moon & Star Necklace-Shipping Included

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   Crescent Moon Rose gold charm necklace with floating stars. This dainty moon and star pendant are set with 5 round rhinestones accents.

A cute blue stone decorates the center of the Celestial half-moon.

Pendant size: 1/4" Total necklace length: 19 3/4"

The Crescent moon symbolizes female empowerment. Buy one today and make a statement.

Our Guarantee-If any of our products aren't every bit as fantastic as we say it is, simply return them to us for a refund. . 

This makes a perfect gift to add to your moon jewelry collection. Also a cute Mother's Day gift, Birthday Gift, or Wedding Gift. Free Shipping.

 The package includes 1 moon necklace with chain on a card and a special design anti-tarnish pouch and tab to keep jewelry safe and shiny.

Total necklace length: 19 3/4"

Extension Chain Length: Approx 2 1/8" inches

Style: Minimalist

Pendant size: 1/4"

Color Rose Gold plated



moon necklace gold

  Beautiful half Moon necklace with floating stars. 

Crescent Moon Charm Necklace Gold



1. Do offer an exchange or refunds?

Yes, you can return the jewelry in the same condition as sent for a refund or exchange. Shipping is non-refundable)

2. Does the pendant include the anti-tarnish pouch and tab?


3. How to take care of my pendant? Please see the tip below:

Top 5 Places You Should Avoid When Wearing Costume Jewelry.

1. Keep jewelry away from harsh chemicals.Before applying oils, perfume, lotions, hair spray, or creams. Remove jewelry. When you finished getting ready you can place your jewelry back on. 

2. Remove the ring when you take a bath or shower

3. Avoid wearing jewelry When playing sports or exercising

4. Do not sleep with jewelry

5. Stay away from the pool.

Always keep your necklace clean & Keep your necklace safe in your free special design anti-tarnish pouch with the tab.



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