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Custom Crystal Moon & Star Pendant Necklace, Crescent Moon Initial Moon Necklace

Custom Crystal Moon & Star Pendant Necklace, Crescent Moon Initial Moon Necklace

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Beautiful Moon Necklaces are back and now come in a new size, making them even more versatile and wearable. The necklaces are made of copper but look like rose gold, giving them an elegant and luxurious look.

New now includes a Star with crystal and a letter. 

Each movement gives your moon necklace a different look because of the way the light reflects the crystal.


Package-Necklace is placed on a card and slipped into a plastic pouch.

Mother day gifts, moon necklace

 Gold Moon & Star  necklace for women and girls


Gorgeous Moon Necklace, is a stunning piece of jewelry that will add a touch of celestial charm to any outfit.


This beautiful copper half-moon necklace features twinkling CZ floating stars, adding a magical touch to the crescent moon charm. The moon pendant is made with round CZ stones and has a cute stone in the middle, making it a truly unique piece.

This dainty necklace is not only a great addition to any moon jewelry collection but also makes for a perfect gift for special occasions such as Mother's Day, birthdays, or weddings. Plus, it comes with free shipping!

The necklace is 17 5/8" in total length and features a minimalist style that will complement any look.

This necklace is made to last, with a rose gold look and a lobster closure to ensure it stays secure. It comes with a chain on a card and a special design anti-tarnish pouch and tab to keep it safe and shiny.

This Gorgeous Moon & Star Necklace is a stunning and unique piece of jewelry that will make any outfit shine.


Moon Necklace

Moon Necklace for pets-

In addition to the new size, these necklaces are also available as a matching necklace set, perfect for those who want to coordinate their look with their furry friend. The matching set includes a necklace for you and one for your dog, both featuring the stunning moon pendant and stone that appears to glow.

The dog necklace length is adjustable, going from 12" or to 14", ensuring that your furry friend can also show off their celestial style. (We offer to customize size if needed)
heart charms
Heart charms Handcrafted for both of you-For those who want to add an extra personal touch, there is the option to have the moon necklace hand-customized with a cute heart-shaped copper charm. These charms are masterfully crafted by hand in Florida, USA, ensuring that each one is unique and of the highest quality.

Overall, these Beautiful Moon Necklaces are the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and personalization to any outfit, while also showing off your love for your furry companion.
Beautiful Mother's day necklace

Don't miss out on adding this stunning gold half-moon necklace with twinkling CZ floating stars to your moon jewelry collection. Shop now and enjoy free shipping!

Our Guarantee-If any of our products aren't every bit as fantastic as we say it is, simply return them to us for a refund. .

 ------updated necklace above------



   Crescent Moon Rose gold charm necklace with floating stars. This dainty moon and star pendant are set with 5 round rhinestones accents.

A cute blue stone decorates the center of the Celestial half-moon.

Pendant size: 1/4" Total necklace length: 19 3/4"

The Crescent moon symbolizes female empowerment. Buy one today and make a statement.

Our Guarantee-If any of our products aren't every bit as fantastic as we say it is, simply return them to us for a refund. . 

This makes a perfect gift to add to your moon jewelry collection. Also a cute Mother's Day gift, Birthday Gift, or Wedding Gift. Free Shipping.

 The package includes 1 moon necklace with chain on a card and a special design anti-tarnish pouch and tab to keep jewelry safe and shiny.

Total necklace length: 19 3/4"

Extension Chain Length: Approx 2 1/8" inches

Style: Minimalist

Pendant size: 1/4"

Color Rose Gold plated



moon necklace gold

  Beautiful half Moon necklace with floating stars. 

Crescent Moon Charm Necklace Gold



1. Do offer an exchange or refund?

Yes, you can return the jewelry in the same condition as sent for a refund or exchange. Shipping is non-refundable)

2. Does the pendant include the anti-tarnish pouch and tab?


3. How to take care of my pendant? Please see the tip below:

Top 5 Places You Should Avoid When Wearing Costume Jewelry.

1. Keep jewelry away from harsh chemicals.Before applying oils, perfume, lotions, hair spray, or creams. Remove jewelry. When you finished getting ready you can place your jewelry back on. 

2. Remove the ring when you take a bath or shower

3. Avoid wearing jewelry When playing sports or exercising

4. Do not sleep with jewelry

5. Stay away from the pool.

Always keep your necklace clean & Keep your necklace safe in your free special design anti-tarnish pouch with the tab.



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Joele H.
Rating on necklace I ordered

My clasp on my necklace has turned brown color but the necklace is still beautiful 😍 only this is the clasp has turned into a brown color but I overall love my necklace