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Dog Toy Bundle: Fun Dog Toys Squeaky & Ball Toys Set

Dog Toy Bundle: Fun Dog Toys Squeaky & Ball Toys Set

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Introducing our Bundle of Fun Dog Toy Set, the perfect gift for your beloved pup!

 Designed to bring endless joy and excitement to playtime, these toys are sure to become your dog's new favorites.

(Note: Supervision is recommended for all toys, especially for enthusiastic chewers.)


Interactive Ball of Joy:

This vibrant rubber ball isn't just a regular toy; it's a source of endless entertainment for your playful pup.

With its built-in light feature, it adds an extra element of fun, making it perfect for evening play sessions.

 Whether bouncing on the floor or rolling on the grass, this ball is sure to keep your dog engaged and active. And with its bell inside, it enhances your dog's coordination while strengthening your bond with them.

2.  Funny Face Squeaky ball for Pets Rugby, designed to withstand even the toughest play sessions! 

  This Bite-Resistant Squeaky Dog Toy Ball is perfect for energetic dogs who love to chew and play.

With its durable construction and built-in noise maker, it provides hours of interactive fun, while also promoting dental health and mental stimulation.

 Whether your furry friend is fetching, chewing, or simply enjoying playtime, this engaging toy is sure to become a favorite. Get ready for endless entertainment and joyful bonding moments with your canine companion!

3. Crinkle Newspaper Chew Toy:

   Give your dog a taste of nostalgia with this crinkle newspaper toy.

Designed to satisfy their chewing instincts and relieve boredom, it's the perfect solution for those moments when your pup needs a little extra entertainment.

The crinkly sound adds an extra layer of enjoyment, keeping your dog engaged and happy.

4. Cute Funny Face Squeaky Chew Toy:  

 Say hello to the ultimate squeaky chew buddy! Shaped like a donut ball with adorable monster faces, this latex toy is irresistible to dogs.

 Its soft texture and crazy bounce make it perfect for fetch games, while the squeaky sound adds an extra level of excitement. Crafted from high-quality, non-toxic latex rubber, it ensures safe playtime for your pet.

What Is Included:

 4 toys (Football sold separately & color + face vary)

  1.  Light up Jungle ball
  2.  Funny Face Ball
  3.  Newspaper
  4. Funny monster ball

Our Bundle of Fun Dog Toy Set is not just about toys; it's about creating moments of joy, companionship, and healthy activity for your furry friend.

Treat your dog to this delightful set and watch them wag their tail with delight!

Please note these toys are from an international supplier,Delivery time approx.:14-16 days. except for holidays.

How to clean dog toys?

Keep your pet's toys clean with ease! Simply wash with mild soap and warm water to remove dirt and debris. Dry with a towel or allow to air dry completely before giving back to your pet. Remember to inspect toys regularly for signs of wear and tear, and replace if necessary to ensure your pet's safety.



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