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Safe Dog Plush Toy-Durable Ball Toy Squeaky-USA

Safe Dog Plush Toy-Durable Ball Toy Squeaky-USA

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 New Dog Toys are all Super Soft!

Dog ball Options:

  •  Dog ball Toy (super soft)Crazy Emoji ball - sounds Include Crunch, rattle, and Squeaky Sounds(machine washable & can go in the dryer)

  • Dog Toy Emoji ball with Better bounce & crunching sounds. (Machine washable)

Included 1 Dog Ball Toy Plush Toy(handmade in USA)

Squeaky Dog Ball Noise Toy with 3 Sounds Soft Rattle, Crinkle, Squeak Sounds and Bounces.

Great toy for bored dogs, old dogs and soft enough for blind dogs. Only a few are available because
these toys do take some time to make them.

Shake ball to hear soft rattle sound

  •  Dog Boredom Buster-Soo Soft Dogs Love To Chew Them-Active ball noise Sounds-
    Encourage Dogs to explore and be entertained by the fun squeaky and crinkle sounds plus this ball bounces 
  • Ball are Easy to Grasp and Squeeze -Made with super soft fleece-Fun toy for old and blind dogs too.
  • Toy Ball For Dogs-No cheap substitutes and no small parts to worry about-100% high-quality embroidery toy
  • Genuine Handmade and machine sewn in the USA-durable safe toy.
  • Long Lasting Fun-Squeaker is safely wrapped in fabric. Easy to Spot -Cheerfully Bright Colorful toy

Toy ball made with Soft Fleece Emoji Ball Dog Toy.

Picture of our handmade dog toys

Toys for non-aggressive chewers

I handmade these Pet toys for my dog, Charlie. He loved them so much, I decided to share the fun with your dogs.

100% satisfaction guarantee or your money back. Item must be sent back in the same condition it was sent. The ball size is about 3" in diameter.

Emoji face varies. Only available at Sheraton Luxuries. Find more fun toys by clicking on sheratonluxuries above. Fun for all dogs, medium, small, and large. Always supervise your dog with any toy.

Can Dog Toys With Squeakers Be Washed?

Yes, Machine washable in cold water.

Air dry or place in a dryer set to air dry.




We Guarantee our products with the Sheraton Luxuries logo are safe and effective. If any of our products aren't every bit as fantastic as we say it is, simply return them to us for a full refund. Please note shipping is non-refundable.

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Customer Reviews

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Different and Good

We try to let our dog know she is loved by toys and treats. We look for something new and good since she has lots of toys already. This toy got my attention. I bought it and our Teddy Bear dog loves it. She even takes it to bed at night. It is a ball but really not a bouncing ball. Is a great toy.