Top 5 Dog Water Parks In The USA And Why They Are The Best

Top 5 Dog Water Parks In The USA And Why They Are The Best

With the summer coming around, it is time to head over to our favorite water parks to beat the heat. However, leaving your dog home while you enjoy cooling water attractions can be the worst feeling. Your dogs also deserve the same fun and joy.

If you agree, why not visit a dog water park in your area? A dog water park is specifically designed for your pups where they can swim and splash and have all types of fun. 

There are plenty of dog water parks in the USA. If you are unsure which one would be the best for your dog, check out this handy list we have compiled of the top dog water parks you can visit in the US!

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Top 5 Dog Water Parks

  1. Love My Dog Resort and Playground
  2. The Splash Bark
  3. Paradise Ranch Pet Resort
  4. Pet Coral Veterinary Hospital and Resort
  5. Country Kennels Dawg Water Park

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Top 5 Dog Water Parks

Top 5 Dog Water Parks

1. Love My Dog Resort And Playground-St Petersburg, Florida

Love My Dog Resort and Playground is one of the most popular water parks located in St Petersburg, Florida. This state-of-the-art facility covers over 6000 square feet and is filled with plenty of indoor and outdoor fun!

  • The park includes a climate-controlled indoor daycare, 15 outdoor runs with artificial turf, and an outside waterpark and pool area.
  • It is incredibly dog friendly, even the flooring is non-slip made of epoxy so your four-legged friends can run around to their heart's content without being injured.
  • The waterpark is filled with clean, cool waters and also has doggie sprays and water tunnels for extra fun and play.

As for entries, all sizes of dogs are welcome to the park, where they can play around to their heart's content.

You can also rent the space for your dog's birthday parties if you like. The entry price ranges from $10 to $20 depending on your group size and the number of dogs you bring in.

2. The Splash Bark-South Dakota

 The Splash Bark-South Dakota

The Splash Bark by SDK in Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is the first indoor dog water park to open in the country. Dogs of all shapes and sizes are welcome to the park; you only need to bring their proof of vaccinations to gain entry.

  • It is not just any typical indoor dog park; it is a tropical theme park filled with plenty of synchronized water features for dogs to enjoy, a puddle play space, and a 3-inch deep pool.
  • The park also has a dedicated dry area if your dog needs to take a break from the pool.
  • The park includes an adult Tiki bar where dog owners can sit back and relax, as they enjoy a variety of beers and seltzers.

You can either purchase day passes or get memberships. A one-hour pass will cost you around $15, and a day pass will cost you $29, whereas memberships are available for $159.

You can also book the park for a 1-hour private party rental if you want to host a special birthday event for your puppy.

3. Paradise Ranch Pet Resort

The Paradise Ranch Pet Resort is centered in San Fernando Valley, just north of Burbank and a 20-minute drive from downtown LA.

  • This luxury pet resort is a one-of-a-kind pet resort where your dog can enjoy cage-free boarding and plenty of waterpark fun. The Pet Resort has a dedicated water park for swim play time for their boarding and daycare clients.
  • The entire resort is based on the “enrichment” experience for dogs. Dogs are allowed to fully socialize and play around in a dog-friendly environment.
  • Dogs staying at the park for the day are rotated through multiple fun yards and the waterpark during the day.
  • The waterpark includes wading pools, dog sprays, spraying dolphins, and a jumping pool for your dog to enjoy.

The park staff is also fully experienced and trained to handle dogs.

Dogs are usually sorted according to size and temperament and are divided into packs overseen by specific dog handlers.

In this way, your pet will have a truly enjoyable time.

Entry is open to all dogs who are vaccinated and are sprayed or neutered (if over 6 months of age). As for pricing, the daycare rates for your dog start at $39 per day.

4. Pet Coral Veterinary Hospital and Resort-Florida

The Pet Coral Veterinary Hospital and Resort is one of South Florida’s largest pet water parks. Located in the center of Cape Coral in Florida, this resort is considered a canine oasis where your dogs can enjoy their day out in the cooling waters.

Covering over 30,000 square feet, the resort's water park includes a swimming pool with plenty of hydrants your dogs can run around and splash water sprays to keep the fun going.

Your dogs will get the chance to swim, run, splash, and socialize with other dogs in a family-friendly environment. The resort also includes a veterinary hospital where dogs from all over are treated by professional veterinarians. 

5. Country Kennels Dawg Water Park-California

The Country Kennels Dawg Water Park is a family-owned boarding and grooming facility located in the Murrietta valley in California.

It has been running since the 1980s, while the waterpark was added in the summer of 2013. Today, it is known as one of the most popular dog waterparks in the USA.

  • The waterpark has an enormous pebble pool with two beach entries, a diving dock, a Baja ledge, and plenty of water sprays and sprouts.
  • The pool also has plenty of tunnels and hills where your dog can run around and play.
  • Your pup will have loads of fun swimming, playing fetch, dock diving, and socializing with other dogs.

All dogs are allowed entrance as long as you can show proof of vaccination for your dog and if your dog is flea free. Your dog's temperament may also be evaluated before admittance.

Open swim sessions are open Wed, Friday, and Saturday from 1 pm to 5:30 pm; entrance for each pet will cost you $20, with $10 for each additional pet.


Are Dog Parks Good For Dogs?

A dog park can be a wonderful place for your dog to get out, exercise, and socialize with other dogs. If your dog is okay going into the water, he will most certainly enjoy the time at a waterpark.

However, not all dogs will enjoy going to a park. Some dogs who are easily overwhelmed, or anxious, especially those who have just joined the family may not like the park experience.

 In short, though dog parks are good for your pup in general, individual dog nature is an important factor in deciding if the activity is good for your pup or not.   

Are Dog Parks Good For Socialization?

Are Dog Parks Good For Socialization?

This depends on the type of dog you have. If your puppy is young and is relatively new to socializing, it's unlikely they will have an enjoyable time in the park.

Older dogs are better suited to socialization in a dog park as they are less likely to be overwhelmed, cornered, or scared by other dogs.

You should also ensure the chosen park is properly monitored and has enough space for dogs to move freely without impeding each other's space.

 Do Dogs Get Bored Of The Same Park?

Do Dogs Get Bored Of The Same Park?

Yes, just as we humans can be bored visiting the same place again and again, dogs can also get bored visiting the same park. Instead of taking him to the same one, try exploring new areas and facilities with him.

Your dog will also love exploring new areas, smells, and sights.

  Should I Take My Dog To The Water Dog Park Every Day?

If your dog actively enjoys his time at the park, it may be fine to do so. But most dogs need new experiences for proper simulation, in which case it is recommended that you make changes to his routine.

This will keep him more excited and engaged in the time you spend together.

 How Can I Help My Dog With Dog Park Anxiety?

It is natural for some dogs to feel anxious at the dog park, especially if they are new to the experience. There are certain steps you can take to help him calm down.

You can bring along his favorite treats and toys; however, don't take too many toys that may attract the attention of other dogs and create jealousy. Also, be near your dog and take him to a quiet place where he may feel safe at first.

However, if your dog doesn't relax even after spending considerable time at the park, he may not be suited to the park experience, and you should take him home immediately.

To help you, here is a video training on do's and dont's of dog parks, so your pup can enjoy his time fully.

Final Thoughts!

Dog water parks are a great way to lay off the summer heat. The next time you plan a day out and want to do something enjoyable with your furry friend, look for a water park in your area or visit any of the facilities mentioned above!

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