Top 12 Greyhound Breeders, Adoption, And Rescue In USA & Why They Are The Best?

Top 12 Greyhound Breeders, Adoption, And Rescue In USA & Why They Are The Best?

Greyhounds are considered one of the breed types to keep at home. Why greyhounds are the best dogs to keep? 

They have a calm, gentle temperament and are a graceful breed known for their quick-moving (active) nature. They also require very low maintenance and tend to spend plenty of time napping. This makes them great pets for all types of families.  

If you are planning on adding a new greyhound to the family, check out some of the top greyhound breeders, adoption, and rescue agencies in the USA:

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The Top Greyhound Breeders

  1. AKC Marketplace
  2. Windrock LLC
  3. Harmony Greyhounds
  4. KB’s Greyhound Farm
  5. Greyhound Pets, Inc

The Top Greyhound Adoption Sites

1)     FastFriends Greyhound Adoption

2)     National Greyhound Adoption Program

3)     Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption

4)     Adoptable Greyhounds of Florida

The Top Greyhound Rescue Services

  1. Greyhound Rescue and Adoptions of Tampa Bay (GREAT) 
  2. Kansas City Retired Greyhounds as Pets (REGAP) 

III.        American Greyhound.


The Top Greyhound Breeders

The Top Greyhound Breeders

What were greyhound dogs bred for?

What were greyhound dogs bred for?

Greyhound dogs are champion sprinters and have traditionally been bred as sight-hunting animals.

 But greyhounds are far from aggressive and are great pets to keep at home.  To find a reliable breeder, check out the top 5 greyhound breeder agencies we have listed below:

1.    AKC Marketplace

One of the most dependable sources you should always consult first is AKC’s very own marketplace, which connects you to registered litters and breeders from all over the US.

Because of their reliability, they are regarded as the best greyhound breeder in Florida, California, Nevada, and other states of the US.

AKC carefully regulates registered breeders on their website and conducts thousands of inspections yearly, so you can trust them to connect you with reliable greyhound breeders.

2.    Windrock LLC-Colorado

Windrock LCC is a very popular kennel that breeds some of the best companion greyhounds. They are also registered breeders with the AKC and have been breeding greyhounds for over 4 decades in Colorado.

Their greyhounds show excellent obedience and agility; some are even bred as emotional support and therapy animals owing to their gentle disposition. If you want beautiful, healthy greyhounds with a lovely temperament, this is where you want to go.

3.    Harmony Greyhounds-North Carolina

Harmony Greyhounds is one of the best greyhound breeders in North Carolina. Families in NC are in luck, but even non-residents can apply for their greyhounds.

They maintain strong standard breeding practices focusing on the quality of the breed rather than quantity.

 The parents are subjected to various health tests to reduce the chances of illnesses and diseases. Their greyhounds tend to have great temperament and lively agility and are exposed to plenty of healthy enrichment.

The best part of their services is they offer additional benefits such as dog foods, dog toys, and even training if you live near NC.

4.    KB’s Greyhound Farm-Texas

KB’s Greyhound Farm is one of the leading greyhound breeding farms in Texas. Since 1993, they have been breeding the finest quality greyhounds with good bloodlines.

They focus primarily on producing high-quality female sires along with greyhound litters which are then connected with the right future pet owners. 

If you want a greyhound that has carefully been bred while maintaining a quality pedigree, you should connect with them. If you are not from Texas, there is no need to worry. They also serve individuals from outside of Texas.

5.    Greyhound Pets, Inc.-Washington

Greyhound Pets Inc operates from Washington and mainly works as a rescue kennel for adult Greyhounds. However, you can also find greyhound puppies that require loving homes there.

They will have you browse through their list of available pups, and after thorough analysis, visiting your home, and their application process, you will be able to get a greyhound that is a good fit for your home.

6. Best Greyhound Breeder In Florida

One of the top greyhound breeders in Florida includes Running to Stand Still, LLC.

Along with healthy greyhounds, they also offer a one-year health guarantee and take care of vaccinations and all medical concerns before the pups are sent to their new homes.

Another notable name is Steeling Hearts Kennel, based in Hudson, Florida where they offer you top-quality greyhounds.

They provide basic crate training, behavioral shaping, noise desensitization, human interactions, and other enrichment and socialization efforts. You'll also get up to a 2 years health guarantee for your greyhound pup!

The Top Greyhound Adoption Sites

The Top Greyhound Adoption Sites

How to adopt a greyhound puppy? If you are looking for quality adoptions sites where you can get greyhound puppies and adults more easily, check out the top 4 greyhounds for adoption sites in the US listed below:

1)  FastFriends Greyhound Adoption-California

FastFriend is a greyhound adoption agency dedicated to housing retired racing greyhounds and further connecting them with loving families.

Since their inception, they have rescued over 4000 ex-racer greyhounds and have helped hundreds of families find the greyhound for their home.

Greyhounds you will find here tend to be intelligent, quiet, clean, and good-natured and quickly adapt to new homes. They are also pretty low maintenance, as most greyhounds typically are, making them wonderful pets and companions.

2)  National Greyhound Adoption Program-Philadelphia

NGAP was initially founded in 1989 in Philadelphia. Since then, they have been working to recover former racing greyhounds and connect with loving adopters around the US.

 Their kennel usually houses around 40-50 greyhounds (sometimes even more!) up for adoption at any time. They also allow visitors to walk in and socialize with the dogs one-on-one so you can find the right fit for your family.

3)  Northern Lights Greyhound Adoption- Minnesota

NLGA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to finding loving homes for retired racing greyhounds. They have worked for over 21 years and helped house over 1600 greyhounds during this time.

All the greyhounds available for adoption undergo thorough health inspections to uncover any health risks or diseases. The organization also assists with medical and surgical requirements. This way, adopters can find the healthiest greyhounds for their homes.

4)  Adoptable Greyhounds of Florida

Florida also has its fair share of adoption services if you need a greyhound for adoption in Florida.

The Adoptable Greyhounds of Florida is a very popular adoption agency where you can find loving and loyal greyhounds, including ex-racers, up for adoption.

Their greyhounds tend to have a gentle, calming temperament and are usually tested for any health conditions, neutered, and treated before they are up for adoption.

Their adoption fees will also cover dental, microchip insertion, and relocation costs, especially if you live outside Florida.

 The Top Greyhound Rescue Services


If you specifically want to get a greyhound from a reputable rescue service, check out our list of top 3 greyhound rescue services below:

I. Greyhound Rescue and Adoptions of Tampa Bay (GREAT)

GREAT Inc. is a popular nonprofit greyhound rescue and adoption agency located in Tampa Bay. They take in ex-racers and stray greyhounds and then help place them in kind and caring homes.

They have worked in greyhound rescues since 1993 and placed over a thousand greyhounds in loving homes. Taking in a greyhound is a responsibility; if you are up for the challenge, you should check out their available greyhounds.

II. Kansas City Retired Greyhounds as Pets (REGAP)-Kansas City

REGAP is a nonprofit charitable organization that helps find loving homes for retired greyhounds, primarily in the Kansas City Area. However, they also accept applications from outside of Kansas.

They have been working since 1990 and have helped palace over 5000 greyhounds in homes across Kansas City.

All greyhounds are first provided with veterinary care, vaccinations, dental cleaning, and other treatments before they can be placed in foster homes. Placing them in a foster home before adoption helps them better acclimate to their final homes.

III. American Greyhound-Indiana

American Greyhound is a nonprofit organization based in Indiana that takes in unwanted greyhounds so they can find loving homes.

They rescue racing hounds from Alabama to Florida and provide them with the necessary love, care, and support, along with healthcare, before they are up for adoption.

They have been working since 2005, but in this short period, they have helped over 1600 dogs find loving homes! 

Greyhound FAQS      

  Can You Buy A Greyhound Puppy?

Yes, you can buy a greyhound puppy from reliable breeders across the US. For best results, look for breeders officially registered by AKC. You should also inspect their kennel yourself before you sign any contract with them.

 Is There A Greyhound Dog Breeder App?

Yes, you can find plenty of dog breeder applications that help you find specific breeds, such as greyhounds that have been put up for adoption or need new homes. (Apple ):WeRescue, Android & Apple) PetFinder, and (Apple) Petdar are some notable examples.

  Is There A Greyhound Dog Breeder Directory?  

 Is There A Greyhound Dog Breeder Directory?


The American Kennel Club has a breeder referral search where you can browse through their directory according to your state and desired breed. You can view their complete directory here.

  Dog Breeder-What Are Some Red Flags To Look Out For?

Simply sourcing from a reliable breeder isn’t enough. You should still make sure the breeder shows adequate knowledge about the breed, allows you to visit the dog and its kennel, shows evidence of healthcare, and offers qualified referrals.

If a dog breeder refuses to do so, they may not be the right choice.      

  How Many Puppies Do Greyhounds Have?

Most mother greyhounds can give birth to a litter anywhere between 1 to 12 pups, making an average of around 6 pups.

 Can Greyhounds Be Service Dogs?

Can Greyhounds Be Service Dogs?

Greyhounds are a great fit as service dogs. They have great mobility, are very intelligent, and are easy to train. They are also very low maintenance, making them easy to take care of.

  Why Are Greyhound Puppies So Rare?         

Why is it so hard to find greyhound puppies? This is because most healthy greyhounds would traditionally be put into racing, which is also why most adult greyhounds you find today come from the racing industry.

The number of pure greyhounds bred each year continues to fall, but these numbers have improved with the closing down of racing tracks in the US.

  How Much Is A Purebred Greyhound?

How much are greyhound puppies? Most greyhound puppies will cost you from $2000 to $15000, depending on the agency and its specific breeding.

  What Is The Rarest Color For A Greyhound?

What Is The Rarest Color For A Greyhound?

Despite what the name implies, greyhounds are not all gray. Most greyhounds are brown, black, or red whereas the rarest colors are gray and white.

  Can You Leave A Greyhound Alone All Day?

Can You Leave A Greyhound Alone All Day?

Greyhounds can be left alone for around 6-8 hours a day. However, longer hours may lead to loneliness or separation anxiety and should be avoided.

Here is a video beginners’ guide to living with a greyhound for your ease.

There you go, now you know all about the top greyhound breeders, adoption, and rescue services in USA and why you can rely on them.


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