Best 11 Dog Friendly Hotels In Key West Florida-Video Tour Included

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Best Dog Friendly Hotels In Key West Florida

The Florida Keys are often considered a dog-friendly tropical wonderland. There are plenty of amazing viewpoints to stop and stroll with your furry companion. 

Best Dog Friendly Hotels in Key West Florida

Traveling to Key West Florida with your dog is one of the best ways to enjoy vacations. Your dogs are even allowed in some of the hotels and restaurants.

Choosing a dog hotel isn’t always very straight-forward. Different hotels have different rules and offerings for your pets.

There are plenty of pet-friendly hotel options in Key West Florida, ranging from budget to luxurious, depending on your preference. (Just want to see the best Pet Friendly hotels? Click number 9 to the see the top 11 Pet friendly hotels.)

  1. What Are Pet-Friendly Hotels?
  2. Are Dog Hotels Safe?
  3. How To Get The Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Prices?
  4. Are Pet-Friendly Hotel Rooms Clean?
  5. Do Pet-Friendly Hotels Charge Extra?
  6. Do Pet-Friendly Hotels Allow Cats?
  7. Are Pet Hotels Safe For Cats?
  8. Boutique Hotel Vs Regular Hotel ~ What The Difference
  9. Top 11 Highest Rated Pet-Friendly Hotels In Key West Florida-Organized By Top Rating & Reviews(see the video tour)
  10. Which Florida Key Is The Most Dog Friendly?
  11. Dog Traveling Packing List 


    First, Some Pet Friendly Hotel FAQ:

    What Are Pet-Friendly Hotels?

    What Are Pet-Friendly Hotels

    Pet-friendly hotels mean that they will allow pets, although restrictions may apply.

    These hotels offer a range of amenities designed to accommodate pet parents and their furry members. They try to make the stay as pleasant for your pet as possible.

    Pet-friendly hotels offer special offers for your pets, from bedding to entertainment and food. There are also some map services that help to find pet-friendly hotels, restaurants, and beaches. 

    Here Are A Few Things That A Dog Hotel Might Offer:

    • Individual Rooms- Pet-friendly hotels offer a variety of boarding rooms for any size pet. Pets will have their own room where they can relax, walk around freely, and take care of their business.

     Dog Friendly Hotels Grooming

    • Grooming Salon: Grooming is one of the sweetest things you can do for your furry companion. Many pet-friendly hotels have grooming salons. Your pet will be groomed by professionals in pet-friendly hotels.

    • Play Area: Most pet-friendly hotels provide you with leash-free play areas for your dog, and a room filled with toys and fun-filled activities.

    • Pet sitters: Pet-friendly hotels offer qualified pet sitters to entertain your pet while you're away. You probably need to pay some extra bucks to get this.

    • Web monitoring: Many pet-friendly hotels offer a webcam service. That way, you can keep an eye on your pet, right from your phone or computer, while you're away from them. Many pet cams also offer two-way streaming.

    • Swimming pool: Some sophisticated pet-friendly hotels have pools designed specifically for pets. 

    With special services, you can rest assured that your pet is given a comfortable and enjoyable time in pet-friendly hotels.

    Are Dog Hotels Safe?

    Yes, dog hotels are generally safe for pets. It is often much safer than traveling with your pet.

    Most dog hotels offer round-the-clock care for your pet. They have emergency food, poop bags, dog leashes, dog crates, dog bedding, and treats.

    Many dog hotels even offer pet services including grooming, walking, sitting, and vet care. Double-check with the dog hotel before booking so you know exactly what you’re going to pay.

    How To Get The Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Prices?

    How-To-Get The Best Pet-Friendly Hotels Prices

     The secret in getting the best deals is to call the hotel and ask.  

    1. According to Business insider, Instead of calling the 800 reservation numbers, call the hotel directly because the person at the desk may be able to get you an upgrade. 

    2. Sign up with reward program from hotel, check if your Credit cards offer deals, find app that might help. Find the best deals online & ask the hotels if they will match it.

    3. Celebrating a special event? Birthday, wedding, anniversary  you may be able to get upgrade by mention on the phone.

    Are Pet-Friendly Hotel Rooms Clean?

    Pet-friendly hotels around the world are easing their customers’ uncertainty by unveiling their protocols for cleanliness.

    You must also examine the general cleanliness of the pet-friendly hotel and ascertain the comfort of your pet.

    Many pet-friendly hotels have special cleaning procedures including the use of specially-filtered vacuums to remove pet allergens.

    Usually, pet parents are responsible for cleaning up after their pets on hotel property and neighborhood. 

    For everyone’s safety, pet-friendly hotels require proof of up-to-date vaccinations. Also, pets are usually restricted to specific areas of the hotel.

    A pet-friendly hotel asking customers for their pet's health records ensures that their pet won’t get infected by other dogs and will be safe there.

    Pet parent tip: 

    If your puppy is very young, unvaccinated, and not trained, reconsider your decision before taking him to a doggy hotel. It's important to assess your puppy's readiness. 

    Do Pet-Friendly Hotels Charge Extra? 

    You should be aware that most pet-friendly hotels will charge an additional pet fee. This could be a per-day charge or a per-stay charge. The charges can be for all the pets you bring or might be per pet.

    Be sure you ask for details on the hotel's pet-friendly policies so that you aren't surprised when you are presented with the bill. 

    Do Pet-Friendly Hotels Allow Cats? 

    Do Pet Friendly Hotels Allow Cats?

    Yes, many pet-friendly allow cats, but it might take some research first. Some hotels and hotel chains have a pet-friendly policy of accepting all animals including cats.

    Some hotels might say they're pet-friendly but actually they mean dog-friendly. It’s just how varied pet policies can be.

    Our advice is don’t assume they do. All pet-friendly hotels will have some restrictions on the type of pet, size restrictions, number of pets, and many others.

    If you are traveling with more than two dogs or cats, you're going to find it more of a challenge to find a pet-friendly hotel.

    There’s a good chance that you’ll find a pet-friendly hotel to stay with your kitty but it might take some additional research.

    A hotel's "pet-friendly" policy can change for several reasons such as new management. Be sure to call and confirm that the hotel website information regarding pet-friendly policy is up-to-date.

    Are Pet Hotels Safe For Cats?

    Some pet hotels specify that you have to be in the room with the cat at all times. Others allow cats to be left by themself in the room if they're secured inside a carrier.

    If your kitty is nervous, don't leave her alone in your room until she's settled.

    Before letting your cat out, inspect the hotel room for anything that's potentially hazardous. This might include wires, plants, curtain strings, dropped pills under the furniture from a previous guest, or mouse traps. 

    Cats are notorious for hiding in the most out-of-the-way spots. You should also familiarize yourself with and block all of the hiding spots in the room.

    Also, put the “Do Not Disturb” sign on your outside doorknob to notify the staff there is a cat inside the room.

    Boutique Hotel Vs Regular Hotel ~ What The Difference

    Boutique hotels are smaller, upscale, luxury hotels. They offer a distinct personality, intimate experiences, and personalized services.

    Normal hotels are built with comfort in mind whereas boutique hotels are built with luxury in mind.  

    Here are some differences between boutique hotels and normal hotels:

    1. Boutique hotels are usually located in trendy neighborhoods. They give you a better taste of the area you are visiting.

    2. With boutique hotels, luxury is the name of the game. Boutique hotels are more luxurious than normal hotels. They have unparalleled amenities for an elevated and luxurious experience.

    You can expect some unexpected luxury extras to put your experience over the top. Normal hotels are not as customer service-focused as boutique hotels.

    3.Boutique hotels have unique, modern designs throughout the hotel and individual rooms. You can expect extraordinary, luxurious touches and a modern flair.

    On the other hand, every room has generally the same design and decor as a normal hotel.

    4.Boutique hotels are smaller in size and have fewer rooms. They provide each guest with a great personalized experience and cater to their every need.

    Normal hotels are generally large and have many rooms. They tend to offer pretty much the same services.

      Top 11 Highest Rated Pet-Friendly Hotels In Key West Florida-organized by top rating & reviews.

      (always check with the hotel for the latest rates)

      1.The Gardens Hotel

      526 Angela Street
      Key West, Florida 33040
      Toll-Free: (800) 526-2664
      Tel: (305) 294-2661

      The Gardens Hotel is a pet-friendly hotel where you can enjoy your vacations with your furry friends. 

      Something for you-See the famous Key West sunsets with a pitcher of our equally famous salt-rimmed margaritas served with tortilla chips and homemade salsa for just $70.

      • Fees: 1, 2, and 3 only for a fee of $50 per night
      • Weight limit: dogs up to 20 pounds are allowed in cottages
      • Pet must be on a leash at all times while on the property.
      • This is disappointing- They are allowed only in the Garden Cottages area—not in the pool or anywhere else on the property.
      • Things to do with your dog: visit Key West Dog Beach (1 mile away) or Higgs Beach Dog Park which is a fenced, off-leash park. 
      • You can even take your pet with you on a dog-friendly eco-charter such as Wild About Dolphins or Lazy Dog Kayak.

        The Pet-Friendly Garden Hotel Tour

        2.Old Town Manor

        511 Eaton St.
        Key West, FL 33040
        Tel: 305-292-2170


        Old Town Manor hotel offers accommodations and amenities to your four-legged family members. All of the guest rooms and common areas at Old Town Manor are pet friendly. 

        • Fee: There is a one-time $50 pet fee for the first animal and $25 for each additional animal companion.
        • All breeds and all sizes are permitted.
        • All pets must be leashed, housebroken, people-friendly, non-aggressive, and quiet.
        • A dog crate is available upon request for a one-time fee of $10.
        • Offers free pet beds, food and water bowls, and poop bags.

          You can save 15% on your 3-night midweek stay at Old Town Manor & Rose Lane Villas from April through December 2022.(find out Other Ways To Get The Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Prices above)

           Old Town Manor Tour

          3.Opal Key Resort & Marina

          245 Front Street
          Key West, FL 33040
          Tel: 866-790-2197

          Opal Key Resort & Marina is located right on the waterfront of Old Town Key West, just steps from the famous Mallory Square, and one block from Duval Street. You can experience the beauty of the sparkling sea with your furry friend. 

          • Fee: $75 per pet, per night. 
          • Weight limit: 30 lbs and under.
          • Maximum of two dogs per room.
          • Four-legged guests receive a bed, bowls, and waste bags upon arrival. 
          • Dogs may not be left in the room unattended
          • Cats are not accepted. 
          • There are grassy relief areas on the property for pet relief.
          • Certified service dogs are not subject to pet policies and restrictions.

            An exclusive Florida travel discount for residents only! Now Florida pet parents can get free self-parking, up to 20% off, and a $25 daily resort credit.

            Also, pet parents can get their fifth night in Key West free! So, feel free to linger longer at Opal Key Resort & Marina.

            Key West Florida Opal Key Resort & Marina Tour

            4.Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa

            601 Front Street
            Key West, Florida
            Tel: +130-5809-1234

            Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa is ranked #6 in Condé Nast Traveler’s Top 15 Resorts in the Florida Keys: Readers’ Choice Awards. This dog-friendly boutique hotel in Key West welcomes your furry friends. 

            • Fees: Up to 6 nights: $150; 7 nights or more: $300
            • Weight Limits:
            1 dog, 50 pounds or lighter
            2 dogs, 75 pounds or lighter combined
              • You can bring your pup to the pool deck

                Other amenities for pet parents include free internet access, electric vehicle charging, on-site restaurant, fitness center, pool, spa, laundry, and much more.

                Hyatt Centric Key West Resort & Spa Hotel tour

                5.Pier House Resort & Spa-Dog Friendly

                One Duval Street
                Key West, FL 33040
                Tel: 305-296-4600,
                Reservations: 855-232-0465

                Pets are considered a part of the family at Pier House Resort & Spa

                Stay longer and save in Key West and enjoy 50% off on the 4th night. Save even more when you stay at least 6 nights in Key West as the 6th night is free, including the resort fee. Also, there is 20% off for seniors this summer! 

                (find out How To Get The Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Prices? above)

                • Fee: A one-time $75 non-refundable fee per stay will apply. 
                • Only one dog under 20 pounds is allowed per room.
                • Cats are not allowed.

                  Pier House Pet Amenities

                  • Pet Bowls for Food & Water
                  • Luxury Pet Bed
                  • Flashlight & Waste Bag Holder
                  • Pier House Treats

                    Pier House Resort & Spa Tour

                    6. Oceans Edge Key West Hotel & Marina

                    5950 Peninsular Avenue,
                    Key West, Florida 33040
                    Tel: 877-935-0862

                    Oceans Edge Key West is a dog-friendly hotel. Florida and Georgia pet parents enjoy waived resort fees throughout their entire stay (savings of $39/night) when booking before September 30th. 

                    • Fee: $70 per pet, per night.
                    • Weight limit: Pups up to 70 pounds. 
                    • Two dogs under 50 lbs. per room are allowed
                    • Cats are not allowed. 
                    • Dogs may not be left unattended in guest rooms. 
                    • A pet-in-room door hanger, waste bags, and bandanna are provided. 
                    • Offers a waterfront dog park and convenient “dogipot” receptacles across the property for easy clean-up.

                      Oceans Edge Key West Dog-Friendly Hotel & Marina Tour


                        7.Kimpton Lighthouse Hotel

                        902 Whitehead Street
                        Key West, Fl 33040
                        Reservations: (833) 955-1174
                        Hotel Tel: 305-294-9588

                        Kimpton Lighthouse Hotel is pet friendly! 

                        • Pet Fee: No Pet Fee
                        • No size/weight limit
                        • No limit on the number of pets allowed
                        • Both dogs and cats are allowed
                        • No cleaning fees charged
                        • Water bowls delivered to your room
                        • Doggy beds, mats, waste bags, and 'Pet In Room' door hangers are provided.

                          Additionally, here are some of Key West’s best pet-friendly offerings:

                          • Dog Beach
                          • Truman Waterfront Dog Park
                          • Smokin’ Tuna
                          • Hanks Hair of the Dog Saloon

                            Some Complimentary Amenities For Pet Parents Are:

                            • WiFi for IHG One Rewards members
                            • Welcome Boozy Arrival Beverage on arrival
                            • Morning coffee and tea service
                            • A yoga mat in every room
                            • Bikes for a ride around town

                               Kimpton Lighthouse Pet-Friendly Hotel Tour

                              8. Havana Cabana At Key West Resort

                              3420 N. Roosevelt Blvd.
                              Key West, FL 33040
                              Tel: +13052945541
                              Reservations: 1 (866) 849-3753

                              Havana Cabana proudly offers pet-friendly accommodations and amenities for your four-legged family members. It's one of the best pet-friendly resorts in Key West.

                              • Fee: $75 pet fee per night.
                              • Weight limit: accept dogs up to 50lbs
                              • Both dogs and cats are permitted.
                              • The maximum number of pets allowed is 2.
                              • Pets are allowed in your room, lobby, tiki hut, resort shuttle, game areas, and pool bar. 
                              • Pets are prohibited in the pool and outdoor hot tub. 
                              • Upon check-in, your pet will receive a portable water bowl and dog biscuit

                                Have some fun in the sun at these pet-friendly beaches and dog parks!

                                • Key West Dog Beach
                                • Higgs Beach Dog Park
                                • Fort Zachary Taylor

                                  When pet parents stay a minimum of two nights they’ll receive up to 20% off their accommodations, a bottle of rum upon check-in to celebrate their arrival, and a one-time $50 resort credit.

                                  (find out How To Get The Best Pet Hotel Prices? above)

                                  Havana Cabana Pet Friendly Resort Tour

                                  9.The Marker Key West

                                  200 William Street
                                  Key West, Florida
                                  Tel: (855) 485-9291

                                  The Marker Key West Harbor Resort is a fresh approach to luxury, seamlessly blending the elegance of classic Florida Keys resorts with an understated air of modern glamour. The Marker welcomes furry friends!

                                  There is a $75 pet fee (plus tax) per pet, per night.

                                  • Only accommodate two pets per room.
                                  • Maximum weight limit of 20 pounds per pet.

                                    Interested in more offers? Get up and go with our cycle package! With this package, you will receive:

                                    • Savings up to 20% off your nightly room rate
                                    • Bicycle rentals for two  
                                    • Self-guided tour of all of Key West's best!
                                    • Poolside lunch at Starboard (lunch available once per stay)
                                    • One cocktail per person

                                      10.The Gates Hotel Key West

                                      3820 N Roosevelt Blvd,
                                      Naval Air Station Key West, FL 33040
                                      Tel: 844-951-3510

                                        The Gates Hotel Key West is pet-friendly so you can enjoy the trip with your best little friend. 

                                        Book direct and save up to 25% off your Key West escape! And guess what? Florida residents receive up to 20% off our Best Available Rate and 50% off the Resort Fee.

                                        Find other ways to save on the best pet hotels above

                                        • Fees: $50 per pet per day
                                        • Both cats and dogs are allowed.
                                        • Weight Limit: 50 pounds or lighter
                                        • 2+ pets allowed
                                        • They’ll even get a little box of goodies for their stay.
                                        • For a day out in the water with your pup, check out Lazy Dog Charters. They can set you and your dog up with a kayak or paddle board. 
                                        • If you need an hour in the AC, dogs are allowed on leash at the Key West Aquarium. 
                                        • You can enjoy the sunset with your dog at Mallory Square.
                                        • There is a dog-friendly Half Shell Raw Bar in the Key West Bight.
                                        • Sarabeth’s Key West is a quaint restaurant with outdoor seating for you and your dog.
                                        • Higgs Beach Dog Park is an off-leash dog park with sections for small and large dogs.
                                        • Pets are allowed in Fort Zachary Taylor Historic State Park, albeit on leashes. 
                                        • There’s a tiny dog beach between two buildings, the Key West Dog Beach.

                                          See The Gates Pet-Friendly Hotel Key West Tour

                                          11.DoubleTree Resort By Hilton Grand Key

                                          3990 S Roosevelt Blvd
                                          Key West, FL 33040

                                          Tel: +1-855-610-8733

                                          DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Grand Key rests five minutes from Key West International Airport via free shuttle. Here's a 

                                          • Fee: $75 per stay
                                          • Weight limit: 75 lbs.
                                          • Two pets up to 50 lbs.
                                          • Both dogs and cats are permitted 
                                          • Pets may not be left in rooms unattended 
                                          • There is grass for pet relief on the property.

                                            Pet parents can save up to 20% off the hotel's Best Available Rate by booking in advance.

                                            Find other ways to save on the best pet hotels above

                                            DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Grand Key Tour

                                            Which Florida Key Is The Most Dog Friendly?

                                            Most of the Florida Keys are generally pet-friendly. The further south you travel, the more dog-friendly it gets for your furry pal! 

                                            Marathon FL is the most dog-friendly Florida Key. It is a family-oriented destination with many educational and fun attractions.

                                            Visiting and vacationing in the beautiful Marathon with your pet is always a treat. You and your dog will be amazed as there are so many exciting dog-friendly things to do wherever you go!

                                            The dog-friendly Islands of Marathon include Long Key, the Conch Key, Duck Key, Grassy Key, Boot Key, Crawl Key, and Pigeon Key. Once you arrive there, there are many dog-friendly things to do, creating new memories.

                                            Dog Traveling Packing List  

                                            Pack all your dog’s essential items for the Florida Keys hotel trip. Don’t forget these items when packing your dog’s suitcase:

                                            • Health certificate and vaccination records
                                            • Dog owners must bring food for their dogs to avoid diet changes. Individual meal portions in zip-lock bags for the length of stay are preferred.
                                            • Contact information for hotel staff in case of any emergency 
                                            • Any special medication your dog might need. Make sure medication is clearly labeled with clear dosage instructions.
                                            • Leash and collar/harness with ID tag
                                            • Adequate treats for the entire trip
                                            • A bone to keep your dog occupied 
                                            • Few of your dog’s favorite toysWith a little preparation, your dog will be all set to have a wonderful experience!

                                            Pet Parent Tip:

                                            Make sure that you have a health certificate for your dog from the vet. Even if the dog hotel doesn’t specifically call for one, go ahead and get a health certificate from the veterinarian just in case. It’s always better to be safe.

                                            This certificate will show that your pup has had all his shots and vaccinations. 

                                            In Closing

                                            With excellent planning, your dog can have an incredible hotel experience. Taking the time to find a dog hotel you trust and one your dog enjoys will make all the difference in the end.

                                            Wherever you decide to go, always make sure you have your dog's best interests at heart.

                                            We hope you and your dogs enjoy Florida Keys top dog-friendly places as we do. Bring a camera and be prepared to create a lot of memories!


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