Fun Game Cats Can Play With Catnip or Cat Treats

1.Muffin Tin Game For Cats
Game For Cats Online Free


  1. To play this, you simply place a small-sized treat in a muffin tin. Then cover the treat with a ball. After this let your cat figure out where the ball treat is.(I used freeze dried liver treats and Fresh catnip)

  2. Introduce your cat to the ball slowly and gradually. When starting, cover half the spaces in a muffin tin.

  3. As you hide the treats with the crushed paper ball, your cat will take his time in figuring out that under each ball is a tasty treat.

My cats loved this game.


4.Each time you play this game, add more balls until each muffin tin cup is covered, or change up the pattern!

This activity will challenge your cat mentally, and keep those destructive instincts at bay. 

     Senior Cats Enjoy this game! My dogs love this game Too! You can see the dog games here.


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