The Stylish Mini-Phone Purse and Sunglasses Holder That Does So Much
The Stylish Mini-Phone Purse and Sunglasses Holder That Does So Much
The Stylish Mini-Phone Purse and Sunglasses Holder That Does So Much

The Stylish Mini-Phone Purse and Sunglasses Holder That Does So Much

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The Cute Stylish Mini-Phone Purse That A Big Help!

Travel Carefree Even If Your Wardrobe Doesn’t
Have A Single Pocket + 2 Clips Are Included.


sunglasses holder

Aren't you Annoyed When You Walk Indoors And You
Have Nowhere To Place Your Sunglasses, Except
On Your Head?

When you bend over trying to reach something your glasses just slide off your head and
you're hoping your sunglasses didn’t get damaged.

This little phone purse finally gives you a spot to place your sunglasses and give you easy access
to retrieve your glasses without falling off. Just slide your glasses through the big metal round ring.

Now you no longer have to be worried or be an inconvenience if your glasses will take the
unexpected flip for the worse.

This little purse does so much more...

 Enjoy Your Whole Day Without Struggling With Your Purse.

  •  PURSE IS SO LIGHTWEIGHT you'll forget you're wearing a purse.
  • SHOULDER WON'T BE SORE because this purse clips onto your skirt, pants or belt.
  • NO ANNOYING FALLEN STRAPS sliding off of you. Just clip it and forget it.
  • EASILY REACH THE ITEMS YOU NEED and keep them safe.
  •  THEFT DETERRENT-This purse makes it harder to steal because it’s clipped close to you.

  light weight safe travel purse

  Get Extra Use Of The Clip With This Useful Tip:

 Take one Clip that is included with the purse. Clip one side to your keys and the other side clip
 it onto you.  This helps hold your key when you go for a walk.

clips to hold keys  


 Helpful With Pets Too!

No more fumbling trying to pull your dog clean-up bag out.

 dog poop bag holder dispenser  

Just slip the dog cleanup bags in or out of the pocket when you need them.  


This Purse Can Quickly Transform Into A Sling
Purse With This Easy Trick.

 This will also help if you are wearing a dress. Add a strap from your old purse and connect it
to this purse. You now have a purse with a crossover strap.  

 Always Have A Pocket Available To Slip Your
Phone Inside To Keep It Secure.

A small phone can slip in front or back of the purse. (see pocket size below to see if your phone will fit) 

phone pursesafe travel  phone purse  

The purse also holds your medication or clip them to our pet carrier basket to hold pet meds and more.

Purse size: Approx. 6.125" wide x 5.125 high.

3 Pockets -sizes: 1 open 5” deep -pocket for small passports, tickets, treats etc.

2 zippered pockets to hold cash, change, credit cards etc. 1 pocket is 3.5"deep 2nd pocket is 5" deep

One zippered pocket is 5”deep and the second is 3.5”  third pocket without zipper is 5" deep  Material: cotton  

 Sunglasses not included.

Fun Place To Go With Your Handy Purse:

To The Beach Bar 
Out dancing
Walking your dog 
Theme park
At the fair
A stroll in the park
At Work 
Sporting events 
Pet shows
Craft show
Boat shows