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Sheraton Luxuries

Interactive Dog Ball Toys,Happy Dancing Plush Dog Toy-Dog Ball Toy Plays Music, Bounce and Lights up

Interactive Dog Ball Toys,Happy Dancing Plush Dog Toy-Dog Ball Toy Plays Music, Bounce and Lights up

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My Most Challenging Dog Toy. Free Shipping!


interactive dog toys

These dog toys enthusiastically dance, play music & lights up for your dog. Strong enough for baby but made for dogs.

    • Bring Out Your Dog's Sense Of Adventure-full sensory toy-A flip of a switch sends this joyful dog dancing & jumping on the floor. This animated dog toy ears slightly flop plays musical sounds, the face lights up in multiple colors and bounces around for a great game of chase.


    • Not A Boring Toy-High energy funny entertaining toy to keep the game chase fun exciting. 


    • The Toy Will Not Fall Apart-professionally sewn toy-Strong reinforced stitches make the toy tuff.


    • Made Double Secure-No unsure velcro used here. The hidden zipper will safely keep the electronic ball safely inside the toy. Zipper included a small rope tied on the tab to help open-close zipper & a little pocket hides the tab of zipper. 


    • Easy To Grab Toy-This is a plush fabric toy with soft floppy ears that make it easy for a dog to grab. Made with cuddly fleece
    • Changeable Batteries(batteries included)-No need to worry about rechargeable cables that get lost just change batteries when needed for the toy. 


  • No Stuffing In This Toy-Made with thick fleece.

Machine washable when cover is removed.

Recommend to keep the ball in the safe cover when giving the toy to your dog.
  Designed by Sheraton Luxuries only available here.

Size Approx.:4 1/2" without ears 7" with ears

Story Behind This toy
This toy was so difficult to get right I almost decided not to add them to my store. I changed my mind when I saw how much fun my dog Ella enjoyed chasing this new crazy toy.

I decided to go through the struggle so the fun & happiness can be shared with your dog too.

It was very frustrating at times but I believe the result will be worth it. The Happy Dancing dog is finally here for your dog to enjoy, I hope your dog has a bunch of fun like my dog has with this toy.

Ball cover is made in the USA

The electronic ball is the only part not made in the USA

Cover machine washable

Removable battery.

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