Floppy Fish Toy That Moves & Sings/Squeaks to Dog/Cat Fish Toy

Floppy Fish Toy That Moves & Sings/Squeaks to Dog/Cat Fish Toy

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Fun Floppy Fish Toy Moves and Sings/Squeaks To Your Pet-

2 Fish Options:

1. The floppy Fish With Squeaky Sounds-
The fish tail moves to capture your pet's attention.
( Removeable squeaky sounds included!)

 For cats, a catnip pouch is included.

2. A Toy That Sings To Your Dog-
For something that is truly unique, this singing fish that plays musical sounds for 30 seconds. Choose between The fun song "I Get Around" by The Beach Boys, or get the fish that sings this classic song "The Great Pretender" by Freddie Mercury.

Dancing fish is layered fabric with some cotton to give the fish a plump look so your pet can chew the toy. Not recommended for aggressive chewers.

Fish Toy Is Easy To Wash.
Machine washable. Just unzip the cover and place the cover in the washing machine.

Dog Toy Doesn't Need Batteries-

The fish toy is rechargeable.

  1. When the light is red, the fish need to be recharged.
  2. When light is green, that means the fish is fully charged.

Helpful Note:
When charging fish, turn the switch off so fish can quickly charge.

Dogs Love to chase this toy.

Video here 

Interactive Dog & Cat Toy -
Built-in touch sensor, when your pet touches the toy, the fish will automatically move and swing and makes sounds 
Cat Fish Toy Move

Each movement will bring out your pet hunting instinct.

Dog Flopppy Fish Toy

What's Included:

Squeaky Fish Toy:

  1. 1 Fish Toy Includes a squeaker
  2. 2 Catnip Pack
  3. 1 USB Charger  

Musical Fish Toy:

  1. 1 Singing Fish Toy
  2. 1 Catnip Pack
  3. 1 USB Charger