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Light Up Dog Toy–4”Big Ball-Crazy Bounce Flashing Lights Amuse+Exercise Pet

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Sheraton Luxuries knows a healthy dog is a happy dog. Our Big Ball Dog Toy will provide your dog with hours of exercise and enjoyment. The interactive lighted ball with keep your pet entertained for a long time while chasing and trying to “catch the ball”. The big 4-inch diameter is large enough to grab – but not easily – so your pet will get lots of exercise and tire out for a good sleep afterwards.

Dogs and Puppies Love Light Up Balls

These toys capture their attention in 4 different ways:
1. Attention seeking super bright and colorful lights are hidden inside a transparent rubber ball.
2. Irresistible large size makes it a challenge to grab.
3. Creates a bouncing noise sound when hitting the floor to stimulate their senses.
4. Provides an unpredictable funny bounce that provides a thrilling game of chase.

Dog tested by our Yorkie Ella.

Durable enough to get chewed by Ella while she figured out how to get the ball. She loves the toy so much that she slightly dented the ball – but the ball is still intact. She loves the challenge.

Note: Toys are not recommended for aggressive chewers. We care about safety so the batteries are safe inside the ball so your dog can’t get to them. This is not a chew toy.

We offer a Risk-Free Guarantee

Many previous customers let us know how much their dogs love to try to chase this ball and it really tires them out. It becomes an instant new favorite toy. So, we want to offer this toy to other dogs—we know they will love this toy too. With a risk-free guarantee to you, why not give it a try.

Ella, our Yorkie; Loves the toys so much that she did slightly dent the ball and the ball is still intact. Balls are very durable.

light up ball durable


Be sure to See Ella having fun with this toy in the video.

Our big dog Robinson loves catching this toy too!


big ball

  • 100% Guarantee your dog will love toys or get a product refund. Note: shipping non-refundable Product must be sent back the same condition it was sent

 Toys are not recommended for aggressive chewers.

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