After Years of Requests, Amazing Pet Carrier Plans to Return. New Pre-order Campaign Makes It Possible

Amazing Pet Carrier Returns with Larger Size and New Improvements. Campaign to Fund New Release

Lake Worth, FL -- Sheraton Luxuries is bringing back their popular Amazing Pet Carrier with a larger size and new improvements. The legendary carriers for dogs, cats, and other pets have helped countless pet owners take their furry friends on shopping trips, visits, vacations, and even worldwide travel.

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Now the pet carrier is back with a wide opening for easy pet placement and medical care, excellent ventilation to keep pets cool in all conditions, special claw proof construction, and a strong secure lock that prevents pets from escaping.

It's now bigger to carry a larger variety of animals. The new carrier is 19" long, 15" wide, and a full 12" high. It is made of modern lightweight materials that are easy to sanitize. In all, it's a convenient, comfortable way to carry a pet. Much better than clumsy commercial carriers that can scare pets and be difficult to carry.

Sheraton Luxuries is looking for 300 people interesting in the pet carrier and when they reach the goal, they will share behind the scene manufacture process with you. Pre-order and subscribe at:

Sheraton Luxuries, a luxury boutique specializing in hard-to-find and well-functioning pet products, raised thousands of dollars for pet charities including Greyhound of America, Fairy Tail Rescue, Mayor's Alliance for NYC's Animals, Folke Peterson Wildlife, Florida Wildlife Hospital and numerous cat charities.

“Carriers have been the best kept secret for years and are now coming known,” says company spokesperson Ron Glorsky. “What’s unique about these luxury carriers is that they are cute, light weight, and easy to stow away. Carriers are very convenient for saving small injured animals as well.”

“Many people keep one of our luxury carriers near at all times just in case they must take their pet with them in an emergency,” says Alba Glorsky, creative designer for the company.

“The carriers are also safe for the environment because they are made of 100 percent recyclable plastic. Many customers have told me how surprised

they were on how well their pets immediately adapt to these carriers. You can see how these carriers work online,” Alba said.

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Carriers, which will sell for $70 include shipping, come in beautiful blue, lovely lavender, Bright Pink and bright orange.




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