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Dog Ball Toys-2.5 Inch Rubber Tough Dog Ball Toys-Bounce Balls Dogs Love To Chase & Grab

Dog Ball Toys-2.5 Inch Rubber Tough Dog Ball Toys-Bounce Balls Dogs Love To Chase & Grab

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Puppy 2.5 Inch Rubber ball Toys are being sold as bouncing ball sets. Tough Bouncing Balls for Dogs float in water. Small medium dog ball toy

Dog Ball Toys Colorful

  • Make Playtime More Fun - A good game of fetch around the house can help your puppy burn some of that everlasting energy. Keep your furry friends running and playing for hours with each ball for dogs!
  • Durable Rubber Dog Toy - These tough dog toys won't crack or shatter against hard surfaces, floors, rocks, or grassy ground. Not intended as chew toys, these small dog balls are great for gentle play.
  • Puppy Ball - Your pups will love running after these lightweight and mobile rubber dog toy balls. For added stimulation, they're covered in little holes they can nibble at with their teeth or lick.
  • Some Have Surprises - Please note: These small balls for dogs are being sold as rubber balls but they have been repurposed from unfinished batches of our light-up, musical pet toy. They are being sold as rubber balls so don't be surprised if one rubber ball suddenly starts to sing or glow!
  • Great Gifts For Pet Owners - No such thing as too many playthings. This product comes in a set of 3 dog ball toys.
  • These balls float in water

Dog Balls That Float In Water


    Nerf Ball VS Blue Ball

    Why is it that every dog just loves a good game of fetch?

    Simple — it’s fun. But it also has a lot to do with their instinct!

    Dogs are happiest as community animals. It’s only natural behavior for them to want to show you the interesting (and sometimes delicious!) things they can bring back from a hard day’s hunt.

    So playing fetch comes naturally for them, too. Whether they’re running after a stick or a tennis ball, it’s a good way to exercise for them to exercise their muscles, burn off excess energy, and most importantly: spend lots of quality time with their favorite human!

    Spoil your best furry friend with a three-piece set of Sheraton Luxuries Bouncy Balls for Dogs.

    Though not intended as chew toys, these throwable rubber balls are sure to be fun to fiddle with, nibble at, and chase after. Fun Colorful toys, these bouncing balls are hard to miss and shouldn’t be difficult to find or recover from behind bushes or within tall patches of grass.

    They’re made of super durable rubber that won’t break or shatter after hitting floors and walls. Covered in small sensory holes, even blind dogs will love to nibble, lick, and bite. But don’t worry; they’re not hard or rough enough to wear down your fur baby’s teeth and gums.

    These fun bouncing balls are repurposed from unfinished batches of our musical, light-up dog toys. So don’t be surprised if one starts to flash or make noise! These balls make great gifts for any animal lover you know who owns dogs, cats, and other playful pets.

    Still not convinced? Here are a few more details about these super fun rubber toys:

    - 2.25-inch diameter
    - Durable and lightweight
    - Easy to wash with running water
    - Not suitable for aggressive chewers

    Ready? Go fetch! Add the Sheraton Luxuries Bouncy Balls for Dogs to your cart TODAY!


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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Joan S.
    Great toys!

    My dog loves these! Is it true that you will stop making them

    This is the second time I've ordered these for my Boston.

    He loves them to play with, chew on and sleep with. They would last forever but he tends to lose them. Thanks for having such a great, long lasting toy.

    Fast shipment

    Great ball !

    James B.
    Dog loves them!, not all worked

    The product itself was loved by our dog, and they enjoy chasing them and chewing on them, but the one problem was out of the 3, one did not work, battery seemed to be dieing and was making weird sounds.

    William M.
    Please sell bags of 9 on Amazon

    My dog is addicted to these, but he loses them easily. I also have to give them to everyone else's dog. I had to barricade my fence to keep my dog from chasing after these into the road when he bounced them over the fence. I buy multiple bags of these a year and was ordering (from Sheraton Luxuries) on Amazon. He's four and I'm going to need these for about 15 more years and I'm not alone according to the reviews. Please sell bigger bags and make them easier to find. It's the best ball out there.