You Won't believe What We Found in The Street And What happen to our site.

We were walking at night and spotted something hitting every parked car tire.


We walked closer ..we noticed as he tried to cross the street, he used his nose to touch the floor.

He ran into the bushes making difficult to catch him. We finally did and noticed he didn't have eyes.

He went to an eye specialist, received the surgery he needed. She told us he was born with Anophthlmia Microphthalmia and believed he has a neurological disorder.

We kept him because the alternative wasn't an option. We named him Jules(also known as Julian) and he is avoiding our cats but playing with our dogs. 

blind cat

 Jules A happy Kitty.

What happened to our site?

We are bringing a bunch of new products to our site.  We are now offering gifts for pet moms, treats, some more toys will be arriving for dogs and cats.

Here are a few new gifts:

The Wicked Giggle ball with the funny sound balls is Back for a limited time! Not sure if we will get more in again.

light up ball sounds

We're back see them here!

New Funny Pet shirts are here. We can add your favorite dog breed to the shirt!

Cat Shirts funny Furbaby Funny Dog and Cat T-shirt Novelty gifts

Made with 100% Lightweight cotton Gildan shirt.

Dog Shirts

Cat Shirts

We are planning to get Fashionable Super Lightweight Pants With big Pockets making walking with your dogs so comfortable and place to hold your doggy bags and place to slip your keys too. We will be announcing more soon or visit our shop:

Have Fun!




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