Which Hotel Allows Dogs In Destin, FL? Best 5 Dog-Friendly Hotels

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Which Hotel Allows Dogs In Destin Florida

Planning on visiting Destin, Florida? You will be pleased to know that you can find plenty of pet-friendly hotels in Destin FL.

While looking for a place to stay in Destin, do your research and sign up for a pet-friendly hotel. Not only do they let you keep your pet during your stay, but some also offer special discounts and amenities.

What Hotel Chain Is Pet-Friendly In Destin, FL? 

Which Hotels Allow Dogs In Destin Florida?

You no longer have to travel alone, leaving your pet at a pet hotel. Bring them along with you to your next vacation in Destin, Florida.

Destin is packed with plenty of popular, high-ranking hotels that offer accommodations for pets. So, let’s start our pet-friendly hotels Destin FL guide.

Here are 5 top-rated pet-friendly hotels in Destin Florida ranked here according to their ratings:


1. The Henderson Beach And Spa Resort (rated 4.6/5) 

The Henderson Beach and Spa Resort are one of the few 4-star hotels in Destin, Florida.This hotel is located near Henderson Beach State Park and is popularly known for also being pet friendly. You can also visit Destin Dog Park, about 1.3 km from Henderson Beach State Park.

For Your Dog:

Best Dog Amenities


  • The hotel offers premium amenities:
  • luxurious settings
  • Quality customer care.
  • There are garden view rooms on each floor for your canine friends.
  • These rooms also offer souvenir dog toys, waste bags, dog beds, and water and food bowls.

As a guest, you will get a complimentary:

  • Daily breakfast
  • Nature-inspired spa and other amenities.
  • Their AAA members can also enjoy access to special rates and discounts, and military individuals also qualify for a 15% discount during their stay.

As for their pet policy, selective rooms of the hotels are designated dog friendly.

You can come in with 2 pets weighing up to 55 pounds and will be charged $150 per pet per stay.

Cats are not allowed. :(

You will have to notify the hotel before making reservations about any dogs you may have with you.

 For further details on their pet policy, contact them at +1 ‍(855) 741-2777.

See The Video tour of Henderson Beach  Resort

 The Henderson Beach Resort & Spa (rated 4.6/5)
200 Henderson Resort Way
Destin, FL 32541
Phone:1 ‍(855) 741-2777


2. Residence Inn by Marriott Sandestin at Grand Boulevard (rated 4.5/5)

Residence Inn by Marriott is another one of Destin’s leading pet-friendly hotels. It is a luxury hotel close to many of Florida's popular attractions.

For You:

  • Free complimentary breakfast
  • Free coffee and tea
  • Free high-speed internet
  • Hot tubs
  • A great outdoor pool for when you need to relax.

For Your Pets:

  • The inn offers animal beds
  • Plenty of opportunities for long dog walks.

According to their pet policy, you can have your pets stay with you at the hotel after paying a non-refundable $125 fee per stay.

As for the pets allowed to stay, both dogs and cats are welcome, along with other behaved pets that can be left unattended.

Moreover, no more than 1 pet is allowed to occupy a guest room. The hotel provides you with a dedicated area for pet walking so you can easily walk your dog without fear of disrupting other guests' stay.

Their pet policy also states that you should have your pet leashed or firmly held when they are in common areas of the hotel.

For any further information regarding their pet policy, you can contact them at +1 850-650-7811.

 Quick Marriott Room tour

Residence Inn by Marriott Sandestin at Grand Boulevard (rated 4.5/5)
300 Grand Blvd
Destin, FL 32550
1 850-650-7811 


3.Hampton Inn and Suites Destin (rated 4.3/5)

Next on our list of pet-friendly hotels in Florida is Hampton Inn and Suites, Destin. This is a nice hotel located a five-minute walk from the Pet friendly beach, meaning if you plan on visiting the beach often, this is a good place to spend the night.

You can keep your pet with you during your stay. They offer a complimentary hot breakfast, free parking, free Wi-Fi, and an outdoor pool for guests.

As for their pet policy, pets weighing up to 50 pounds are allowed for an additional fee of $50 per pet with no breed restrictions.

Each guest is further allowed to house a maximum of two pets, including dogs and cats.

You can take your dog to most areas like dining area but are required to not leave your dog unattended. There are also toys available that you can borrow.

You must submit a $150 non-refundable fee as a deposit during check-in.

You can call +1 850-654-2677 for more information regarding their pet policy.

Hampton Hotel Tour

Hampton Inn and Suites Destin (rated 4.3/5)
Hampton Inn & Suites Destin
1625 Scenic Hwy 98
Destin, FL 32541

 +1 850-654-2677 


4.Dog-Friendly Best Western Hotels & Resorts in Destin, FL (rated 4.2/5)

Best Western Hotels & Resorts is considered a leader in pet-friendly hotels and is one of the well-known pet-friendly resorts in Florida.

When you reach the hotel, the best western staff will welcome you and your pet with a new blanket and treats!

The hotel has dedicated places to walk your furry friend and also provides waste facilities. You will also be provided recommendations on pet-friendly parks, stores, and restaurants in the area.

Best Western allows cats, dogs, and other small animals weighing up to 80 pounds.

Domestic animals such as birds, monkeys, and snakes are also allowed, but you may need to request prior approval.

The charges for keeping a pet (or multiple pets) in one room can be up to $30 a day or $150 a week. They also require that you provide a refundable damage deposit of up to $150 per stay.

For any specific requests or requirements you may need, or for further information on their discount policy, you can contact Best Western at +1 800-780-7234.

Best Western Sugar Sands inn & Suites(rated 4.2/5)
4415 Commons Dr E
Destin, FL 32541

1 800-780-7234


5.Hotel Effie Sandestin (4.1/5)

Hotel Effie Sandestin is great if you want a hotel with a Pet beach nearby. The hotel provides all types of services and amenities for both you and your furry friend!

For You:

  • Take advantage of the free Wi-Fi,
  • outdoor swimming pool,
  • fitness center, bar,
  • and their very own private beach area.

You will also find Miramar Beach near the hotel if you want to step outside for a bit.

Pet Amenities:

  • The hotel staff will welcome your dog with a bed
  • a water bowl
  • doggy bags
  • a toy
  • and plenty of treats to enjoy.

Are Pets Allowed?

Hotel Effie allows for all types of dogs weighing up to 65 pounds (cats are not allowed). As for the additional costs this may incur, you will have to pay a non-refundable cleaning fee of $250 (only waived for service pets).

The hotel also insists that you do not leave your pet unattended at any time, and they must be kept on leashes or cages when in the hotel's common areas. 

For more information on their pet policy and pet amenities, you can contact them at 1-833-873-3343.

 Hotel Effie Sandestin Virtual Tour

 Hotel Effie Sandestin (4.1/5)
1 Grand Sandestin Blvd
Miramar Beach, FL 32550 



Which Hotel In Destin, FL Is The Most Dog Friendly?

The hotels we have mentioned above are all pet friendly.

However, if we compare individual personal reviews and ratings, you may find the Residence Inn By Marriott to be the most dog-friendly place.

Not only do they offer a solid pet policy, but they also offer dedicated spaces where you can take care of your pets.

Their pet walk area, for instance, is uniquely created to allow pet owners to freely walk their dogs during their stay. Your experience in the hotel will be quite pleasant!


What Are Pet-Friendly Hotels?

Over the past few years, there has been significant growth in the number of hotels that allow people to check in with their pets.

More and more hotels are now advertising themselves as being “pet-friendly” due to the increased demand.

Pet-friendly hotels, as the name suggests, are hotels that offer a range of amenities to better accommodate guests with pets.

Some hotels will offer additional amenities such as pet walking, pet sitting services, specialized litter boxes, feeding bowls, and even special treats!

Are Dog Hotels Safe?

 Well, yes. The dogs will be kept in a safe area, so they don’t run off.

The hotel staff will also ensure your puppy follows a well-established feeding routine, playtime, walking, and sleep time.

Undoubtedly, the care you offer to your pet can never be replaced, but the dog hotel staff is trained and experienced with pets to handle them well.

In short, yes, your dog will be safe and in good hands. However, the safety factor also depends on the hotel you choose.

Are Pet-Friendly Hotel Rooms Clean?

Yes, pet-friendly hotels take extra care of their rooms to ensure no odors from previous travelers with pets remain. After each stay, the rooms are thoroughly cleaned to prepare for the next guest to settle in.

Some hotels may be a bit strict in this regard. They may request that you don't allow your pets on the furniture or the beds. Others may offer sheets to place on the furniture so your pet can move around freely.

Similarly, most hotels demand that if you keep a pet, you are liable for any damage caused by the pet during their stay.

How Much Is A Dog Hotel Per Day?

The average cost of boarding a dog for one night is $40, ranging from $25 to $85.

Luxury pet hotels will charge you well over $75 a night. Some hotels may also offer limited services only and have you pay for additional services and luxury care for your pet dog.

While food is added to your overall costs, you can also bring your pet dog food and get a price deduction from some dog hotels. But if your dog needs extra food, you will be charged more.

While your dog stays at the hotel, you can also have a professional train your dog for an additional fee at some hotels. Other services such as dog walking, dog grooming, and medication (if needed) add to the additional fee.

 Do Pet-Friendly Hotels Charge Extra?

Do Pet Friendly Hotels Charge extra?

Yes, most pet-friendly hotels may charge an extra fee for allowing your pet to stay with you. This can range from $50-$100 for a night.

The cost goes into providing additional pet amenities during your stay.

However, not all hotels charge you a fee; many hotels also allow you to keep your pets with you without charging any additional fee.

 Do Pet-Friendly Hotels Allow Cats?

This, of course, depends on the pet policy outlined by the hotel itself. But yes, most pet-friendly hotels allow you to keep your cat with you during your stay.

Other pet-friendly hotels may, however, reserve their policies for dogs only. It's best to research hotels beforehand to ensure your pet cat will be allowed to stay with you.

Are Pet Hotels Safe For Cats?

Just as pet hotels exist for dogs, they exist for cats as well. Boarding facilities in pet hotels are designed so your cat is offered their own separate space, usually away from other pets, especially dogs.

Your cat will be well taken care of as long as they are at the pet hotel. You can always tour the pet hotel yourself before you sign up.

What Hotels Do Dogs Stay Free?     

As mentioned earlier, most pet-friendly hotels may charge you a fee for letting your pet stay. But there are plenty of other hotels along the road that welcome pets to stay for free.

Although far and few in between, you can search through your relevant state to find such hotels. 

Boutique Hotel Vs. Regular Hotel: What's The Difference?

Boutique hotels are much smaller and more intimate compared to regular hotels. They usually focus more on arts, decor, and design.

Most boutique hotels do not have more than 100 rooms. As such, they aim to offer a personal touch to each guest.

Managing small rooms allows them to better focus on each of their customers' needs and personalize them accordingly.

In many ways, your stay at a boutique hotel would be far more luxurious, comforting and quiet than at a regular hotel.

There you have it; our pet friendly hotels Destin FL guide. Now you know the best dog friendly hotels in Destin FL. After all, your pup also deserves to enjoy the lovely weather and attraction of Florida.







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