Traveling With Your Pet? Should your pet carriers be recalled? Ensure Their Safety and Comfort

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Many pet owners like to take their beloved animals with them when they travel. This can be a either delight or a hassle, and the right carrier can make all the difference. When traveling with a pet, use the following information to help you make an informed choice.

Surprisingly, there are many important factors that any pet parent needs to consider when choosing a pet carrier. First and foremost is the safety of your pet. Any carrier that you purchase for travel purposes should be designed to be buckled securely into your vehicle, similar infant car seats. Like a child, your pet is smaller and more fragile than you are, and must be secured accordingly. Also, a good carrier will be constructed from sturdy enough material to offer your pet some protection in an accident. 

For safety reasons, if you have been considering a soft pet carrier, you may want to reconsider. Soft pet carriers may be convenient, but they offer virtually no protection for your pet in the event of an accident, fall, or even a quick stop. They are also known for being less secure. Puppies and kittens are notorious escape artists, and fabric pet carriers offer multiple escape routes. Kittens can easily claw their way out, and chewing through fabric is a snap for puppies. Add that to the hassle of fussing with zippers, and what may seem to be the most convenient choice turns out to be a pain.

So, should you go with a hard carrier? 

Hard carriers are safer and more secure, but unfortunately, most are simply not designed for ease of use. Many of them have handles that are centrally located on the heaviest part of the carrier; the top. This means that they don't distribute your pet's weight appropriately, resulting in decreased portability. Not only that, but due to poor weight distribution, these types of handles are more likely to break, which can be a huge problem mid-trip.

You want a pet carrier that has convenient, sturdy handles. Preferably, these handles should be located so that the weight of your pet and the carrier are evenly distributed between them. In general, top-load pet carriers that open and close in a wide clamshell fashion are the easiest to open. 

Overall, you need a safe, secure pet carrier that is easy to open, close, load, and unload. Make things even more convenient by ensuring your carrier easy to clean. Most pet carriers seen in stores do not actually take into consideration all of the practical needs most pet owners have when traveling with their pets. When choosing a carrier, be sure to do your homework. If you can find a company that makes pet carriers exclusively, you are bound to have better choices. Don't limit yourself to what you see in pet stores; look around the Web to find a carrier that really suits you AND your pet.

Sheraton Luxuries pet carriers are well constructed, functional, and stylish. Made for pet lovers by pet lovers, they are convenient, easy to clean, and above all, safe and secure. Designed to be secured in your vehicle for a safe and FUN travel experience to the vet for you and your pet. For more information visit Sheraton Luxuries 

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