Say Goodbye To Messy Litter For Good With This Clever Trick

cat litter


You can finally stop cleaning messy litter on the floor and no more late-night surprises with litter that somehow end up in your bed.

 Want to End the frustrating chore of cleaning up and carrying heavy litter bags for good? This is really a simple solution.

I have several cats and I discovered this is the easiest way to clean cat box without the mess. We used this exact process with feral cats so we know this process works.

All you need is:

An empty litter box and dog training pads.
You still need to keep some litter around but just until you get your cat used to using the pads.

Important- recommend pearl crystal cat litter- the one with the round balls. It is less messy and cat quickly adapt to this litter. Just make sure you get the litter with the round balls.

I  will provide you with the best litter pads and litter boxes for cats. I am not affiliated with anyone or getting any compensation. I just thought this may help other cat owners.

It is really not hard to get your cat used to using dog training pad and it worth it too. Yes, this does really work and as an extra bonus, less work for you.

Step 1
Place dog training pad in a clean litter box. Discover the best litter boxes that have been working for us below.

Step 2

Add a handful of cat litter on top of the dog training pads. Add enough litter so your cat can still cover after each use.

Step 3

Gradually reduce the amount of litter you add to the pad.  It May take 2-3 weeks or maybe little longer. Each cat is different but your cat will start using training pad without the litter.

Note: make sure you keep your cat box clean just like you would with normal cat litter box.

What works best for cats?

litter box

I tried a bunch of  Litterboxes but I noticed my cats love to use a dog litter box. Cats must like the box because of the low entry in the front and the wide area.

How to clean box after your cat gets used to this litter box.
I use the t-shirt bags from Publix and I Also get a box of t-shirt bags at Sam's Clubs. 

Just place your hand in the bag like you are going to pick up after a dog, except you fold the pad. Grab the pad and pull bag. As you pull the bag(bag will be like a glove)you grab the pad and turn the bag inside out. Tie up the bag and throw away.

Or use gloves. Fold the pad and place in the bag to throw away.

Tip: If you have several cats, It may help to bring a small open trash bin to carry with you. The trash bin will help you gather all the pads in one place.  When done, tie the bag up and throw away.

Supplies That Work Best For Us
Best pads are Publix dog Training pads.

publix dog training pads

Second best litter pads at a reasonable price are dog training pads at Sam Clubs. 

 Sams Club

 If you do purchase less absorbent dog training pads, you can always layer them by adding another pad on top of the first one.


Another Good Thing About Training Pads 

A simple way to spot if your cat is sick. Since pads are white you can easily see if there is any blood in the urine.

Also helpful for declawed cat and senior cats.

I hope this makes your cleanup time much easier for you.  I am happy that I got rid of cat litter for good.

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