Do Dog-Friendly Restaurants Have Secret Dog Menus? Which Restaurant Menus Are Safe & Which To Avoid?

 Dog Friendly Restaurants

Yes, you may be surprised to hear this, but many dog-friendly restaurants have become even more inclusive by offering dedicated dog menus! Although it is not a common practice among dining spots, you will find plenty of restaurants with dog menus around the city.


As a pet owner, you may find it difficult to dine out while leaving your pet at home. If your furry friend does happen to tag along, you should avoid feeding him scraps off the table. A dedicated puppy menu is a much safer choice; it will feature dog-friendly items that meet your pup’s dietary needs and won't harm him.

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What Restaurants Have The Best Dog Menu?.

  1. Dog Friendly Restaurants Nashville,TN.
  2. Dog Friendly Restaurants Austin,TX
  3. Dog Friendly Restaurants San Diego-Bay Area
  4. Dog Friendly Restaurants Chicago
  5. Dog Friendly Restaurants Houston,TX
  6. Dog Friendly Restaurants Denver.
  7. Dog Friendly Restaurants Portland,OR
  8. Dog Friendly Restaurants San Antonio, TX
  9. Dog Friendly Restaurants San Francisco, CA
  10. Dog Friendly Restaurants Asheville, NC
  11. Dog Friendly Restaurants Atlanta Georgia
  12. Dog Friendly Restaurants Dallas, TX
  13. Dog Friendly Restaurants Las Vegas
  14. Dog Friendly Restaurants Boston, MA
  15. Dog Friendly Restaurants Charleston SC.
  16. Dog Friendly Restaurants Tampa FL.
  17. Dog Friendly Restaurants Orlando FL.
  18. Dog Friendly Restaurant Palm Springs CA.
  19. Dog Friendly Restaurant Colorado Springs
  20. Dog Friendly Restaurant Savannah, GA
  21. Dog Friendly Restaurant Fort Lauderdale FL.
  22. Dog Friendly Restaurants West Palm Beach FL.
  23. Dog Friendly Restaurants Boca Rato FL.
  24. Dog Friendly Restaurants Boynton Beach FL.

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What Restaurants Have The Best Dog Menu?

If you are planning to dine out for the evening, but want to treat your pup as well, go to a dog-friendly restaurant with a dog menu, one that offers safe food options for your dog to feast on.

Here are some of the leading dog-friendly restaurants from around the US that have a secret dog menu:

1.   Dog Friendly Restaurants Nashville

The Tailgate Brewery is a pet-friendly craft brewery serving fine beer and sizzling pizzas in Nashville, Tennessee. They have several craft beers on tap you can revel in and a variety of foods on their menu, including fries, sandwiches, salads, pizzas, and other beverages.

They offer plenty of open patio space where you can dine together with your dog. They also have a dedicated Mutt Club membership to get your dog free dog treats, pup cups or dog-friendly ice cream, and unlimited water bowls!

2.Dog Friendly Restaurants Austin

Blue Lacy is a popular all-day eatery in Austin, TX, that has opened its doors to pet owners and their furry friends.

Besides serving an all-day menu with a variety of cocktails and refreshing beer, they also have a dedicated dog menu!

Their dog menu includes chicken breast, rice, cooked ground beef, and dog-friendly ice cream - all delightful (and safe) foods for your pup to dine on!


3.Dog Friendly Restaurants San Diego

Sally’s Fish House and Bar is a popular restaurant built overlooking the stunning San Diego Bay area. If you want to feast on fresh seafood delights in a waterfront setting, this is where you should head to.

The restaurant features pet-friendly waterfront patios and a specialty dog menu serving salmon, chicken, rice, pup cakes, dog-friendly popsicles, and rawhide bones.


4.Dog Friendly Restaurants Chicago

Park And Field is a vintage sports club, farm-to-table restaurant, and craft beer bar - all in one!

It offers a variety of delicious items you can dine on, along with a dog menu and a large outdoor patio so your pup isn’t left out.

Their dog menu includes beef burger patties, chicken breast, and pup cups made from a mix of yogurt, bananas, and peanut butter.


5.Dog Friendly Restaurants Houston

Barnaby's Cafe is a dog-friendly cafe restaurant in Houston, TX.

Their venue houses an expansive patio where you can dine with your furry friends. They do urge that you keep your dog leashed at all times.

The puppy menu includes ground beef over brown rice, chicken and rice, scrambled eggs and rice, doggie ice cream, and a complimentary water bowl.


6.Dog Friendly Restaurants Denver

The Lazy Dog restaurant and bar is a popular, family-owned, family-run eatery in Denver.

They offer a number of inspired foods and drinks on their menu and include a dedicated dog menu for pet owners.

Their dog menu includes a grilled hamburger patty paired with brown rice, grilled chicken with brown rice, plain brown rice, and a complimentary water bowl.

7.Dog Friendly Restaurants Portland

The Tin Shed Garden Cafe is one of the most well-known dog-friendly patios in Portland.

This small cozy eatery features two garden patios you can settle in with your furry friend.

Don't miss their dedicated dog menu serving safe and healthy canine cuisines.

Their dog menu includes Fido food or chicken and sweet potatoes, homemade peanut butter and banana ice cream, and dog biscuits.


8. Dog Friendly Restaurants San Antonio

San Antonio has several restaurants springing up around the city offering menus specially designed for your canine friends.

The Bar-B-Cutie Smokehouse is one popular example; this is a regional puppy-friendly BBQ chain that serves smoking hot barbecue, sandwiches, smoked potatoes, and other smoked meats.


They also offer a dog menu that serves chicken and puppy-friendly whipped cream delights.


9.Dog Friendly Restaurants San Francisco

For some gourmet dining with your canine partner, head over to Dogue in San Francisco, a complete restaurant dedicated to serving only dog foods on their menu.

Their menu includes a mix of fresh, seasonal, quality whole foods nutritionally balanced and healthy for your pup.

Stop by and get your furry friend a patisserie - a puppy-friendly pasty from their menu.


10.Dog Friendly Restaurants Asheville

Posana is one of the most visited dog-friendly eateries in downtown Asheville. It serves as a contemporary farm-to-table restaurant that not only offers delectable human foods but also has a rich dog menu.

They have a patio dining area where you can dine with your dog.

Their dog menu includes doggie biscuit starters, chicken and brown rice entrees, ice cream, and dog-friendly beverages.


11.Dog Friendly Restaurants Atlanta

The Family Dog is a popular restaurant in Atlanta, Georgia, serving classic American cuisine. But it's not simply known for its fine foods and family-friendly environment; it is also popular for its dog-friendly menu.

Here your canine friends can feast on peanut butter cappuccinos, freshly baked doughnuts, and ground turkey taster served with fresh strawberries and sauteed cauliflower.


12.Dog Friendly Restaurants Dallas

Mutts Canine Cantina is a unique dog-friendly bar and grill located in Dallas where like-minded people can come to socialize with their pets and one another.

They have an off-leash dog park and an outdoor patio space where you can dine with your dogs.

Their "Woof Menu" also serves several dog treats, including bite-size beef franks and frozen peanut butter & beef broth "pup"-sicles.


13.Dog Friendly Restaurants Las Vegas

In-N-Out Burger is a popular fast-food franchise that has opened its doors in Vegas City. If you have been looking for fast food places with dog menus, this is where you should go.

It is one of the most hyped burger joints in the region, but many don't know they have a secret dog menu!  All you need to do is request a "Pup Patty," a dog-friendly hamburger patty that is completely safe for your dog to eat!


14. Dog Friendly Restaurants Boston

If you are around Boston, Head to J.P.Links, a popular ice cream shop that serves flavorful ice cream, frozen yogurt, and freshly brewed coffee.

If you are craving something sweet and refreshing and don't want your pup to miss out, try their dog menu.

They offer dairy-free puppy-friendly sorbets made using honey and peanut butter your dog can feast on.


15.Dog Friendly Restaurants Charleston SC

Ellis Creek Fish Camp is a popular dog-friendly brunch spot on James Island, Charleston in South Carolina.

The restaurant features beautiful waterfront views and a rich seafood menu for you to enjoy.

They have a dog menu serving a turkey dinner made from a mix of ground turkey, oats, green beans, and pumpkin - all safe and healthy whole foods.


16.2 Dog Friendly Restaurants Tampa

Sail Pavilion on the Riverwalk is a family-friendly open-air water retreat at the Tampa Riverwalk.

Here you can enjoy their full bar and sip on cooling beverages or feast on their sandwiches, salads, and light appetizers.

As for your pets, they will be served a menu filled with dog-friendly smoothies and free complimentary doggy treats to go with them.


The Tampa Bay Brewing Company is a popular brewery located in Ybor, City near Tampa in Florida where they serve a wide selection of craft beer and delicious foods.


They are also known to be incredibly dog friendly. They provide water bowls to pets you will bring along and even have a dedicated dog menu. Their dog menu includes mixed veggies, chopped steak, eggs  boiled eggs, and chicken strips your dog can munch on.


17. Dog Friendly Restaurants Orlando

Shake Shack is a popular burger house and fast food chain located in Orlando, Florida, best known for serving mouthwatering burgers, fries, and milkshakes.

They are also completely puppy-friendly and feature outdoor patio seating for your canine pals. 

They also have a dedicated "Woof" menu for your dog, including the "Bag O' Bones," a doggie bag of 5 ShackBurger dog biscuits, and dog biscuits served with peanut butter and vanilla custard.


18.Dog Friendly Restaurant Palm Springs

Boozehounds is a classic dog-friendly restaurant located in the heart of Palm Springs, California.

Here you can dine on seasonally inspired southern Californian cuisines. They further house an outdoor patio and autumn where dogs and their owners are welcome to dine.

Surf through their dog menu, which features beef meatloaf, ground chicken with sweet potato, a teriyaki salmon bowl with rice, and a gazpacho made from watermelon and dog-friendly whipped cream.

19.Dog Friendly Restaurant Colorado Springs

Pub Dog Colorado is a dog-friendly restaurant located at Bott Avenue, Colorado Springs.

Not only do they serve dog-friendly food items but they also house a 3000 square feet off-leash dog park.

As for their dog menu, you will find a dog bowl made from brown rice, carrots, diced chicken breast, and hard-boiled eggs, a puppy patty made from unseasoned safe to consume beef patties, and frozen homemade pupsicles.


20.Dog Friendly Restaurant Savannah

Christopher’s is a locally owned and operated breakfast and lunch eatery located in Savannah. This is the perfect place to stop by for a quick lunch with your furry friend.

Here you can purchase any of their doggie bags from the menu, then head to the outdoor patio where your dog can join you.

Their menu includes a puppy chow from  sausages, scrambled eggs, skillet-style potatoes, and "The Bulldog" made from ham, turkey, chicken, scrambled eggs, and skillet potatoes.


21.Dog Friendly Restaurant Fort Lauderdale

Kush Coconut Grove is a beautiful outdoor restaurant located at Grand Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. Thanks to their outdoor patio seating, dogs can join their owners as they dine.

Their dog menu includes several dog-friendly servings, including homemade meatloaf with egg and tomato puree, grilled chicken served with brown rice, carrots, and peas, and puppy-friendly ice cream for a cooling finish.


22.Dog Friendly Restaurants West Palm Beach

Dixie Grill & Brewery is a popular dog-friendly brewery in West Palm Beach, Florida.

Here you can dine on their diverse selection of craft beers, appetizers, burgers, and salads.

As for your furry friend, head over to their outdoor patio where they can feast on shredded chicken and a puppy-friendly mini-burger.


23.Dog Friendly Restaurants Boca Raton

Shooters Waterfront is one of the most frequented waterfront restaurants in Boca Raton, South Florida.

Apart from its pretty sights, they also have a dedicated dog menu which many regard as the best in South Florida.

Their menu includes Ocean Reef Turkey served with lentils, carrots, russet potatoes, and other greens, Boca Chica Chicken served with a side of vegetables and Bahia Ground Beef served with whole wheat macaroni, butternut squash, and other dog-friendly veggies.


24.Dog Friendly Restaurants Boynton Beach

Hurricane Alley Raw Bar and Restaurant is a popular seafood restaurant in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Besides offering fresh, locally sourced seafood, it has a dedicated dog menu serving dog-friendly foods, including roast beef, burgers,grilled chicken, grilled salmon, and rice pilaf.


Final Thoughts

Many pet-friendly restaurants, breweries, cafes, and dessert shops across the US welcome dogs to their outdoor tables. Some offer complimentary snacks and treats while others have full dedicated dog menus you can explore, so the next time you dine out, you don't have to leave your canine pal at home!


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