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Amazing Pet carrier

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The all-new, redesigned Amazing Pet Carrier is returning. And it’s better than ever!

It includes all the features you and your pet adored in the original top-loader carrier, but now there’s even more to love!


IT’S DESIGNED FOR SAFETY with a strong secure lock that clicks in place to keep the lid safely closed. Traveling in a vehicle, just use the car seat buckle to secure the carrier and you can rest assured knowing your pet is safe inside at all times when driving. 

blind cat carrier
IT HAS A WIDE TOP OPENING so pets can jump in or pets be effortlessly placed into the carrier. The quick access top-loader opening allows medical personnel to care for your pet while inside. And you can easily pick up your pet to give him a hug once the visit is over.

IT’S WELL VENTILATED with plenty of slats so air flows through to keep your pet cool and calm.

IT’S BIGGER to fit cats, puppies, birds, rabbits, and small dogs comfortably. Boasting 19” L x 15” W x 12” H, it’s perfectly sized to offer the room pets need to feel safe when traveling. Less stress for your
pets mean less stress for you!

IT HAS TWO TYPES OF HANDLES so your pet is always upright while you’re transporting the carrier. You can hold it with the strong, fold-down carry handles or lifts it using side built-in handles. Either way, you choose, the carrier is perfectly straight and your pet level at all times.

This pet carrier turns a consistent problem into a pleasure. Even a happy pet can be frightened or stressed when being transported.

Does your fur baby have a sixth sense and hide just when it’s time to go to the vet? Looking for hiding kitty, chasing your pet through the home, or luring them out from under the bed can be a problem of the past. Turn to the no-fuss Amazing Pet Carrier and transport your pet safely and stress-free.

IT’S EASY TO CLEAN AND SANITIZE after use. Just wipe down with mild soap and water. Once it’s dry, spray with your favorite pet-friendly sanitizer. It’s that easy.

IT’S LIGHTWEIGHT AND MADE FROM RECYCLABLE PLASTIC that is claw proof and durable. Pets that are trying to escape will not have a chance to scratch and bite through the strong plastic frame.

cat carrier

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Traveling to a weekend getaway or your favorite summer locale?

The Amazing Pet Carrier has you and your pet covered! Perfectly sized for a small animal, the Amazing Pet Carrier is more than a way to transport your animal, it can be their bed and safe place too.

Being away from home can cause your pet added stress, the Amazing Pet Carrier provides them with a safe place to help them remain calm when away from home.

no risk pet carrier

Sheraton Luxuries knows a healthy pet is a happy pet. We offer a RISK-FREE - 120 Days GUARANTEE on all of our products. Our goal is to keep pets happy so we stand behind our products. If the product stops working or you are dissatisfied after you make a purchase, simply return it for a replacement or refund. Period.

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Original Pet carrier video:

 The new pet carriers are similar to the original pet carrier in the video above, but they will be bigger & roomier. They will include 2 extra handles on the side to help make carrying your pet easier.

Please share this on Social media with your friends and family. With your help, we can crush our goal and we will bring these Pet carriers back!

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If we reach our goal, we plan to use Kickstarter to help us share the manufacturing process with you and raise funds to get them manufactured.

*Pet carrier will retail $120 Plus shipping, See how to save below.

*Pledges: coming soon

Early-Bird Price: Pet Carrier Only plus shipping. (Limited to 200 people)

Pet carrier + Bonus Soft Minky Fur memory foam Pillow  plus Shiping  Limited to 100 people)


 *price may change


Subscribe To Our Mailing List And Be The First To Get Amazing Deal Per Carrier Offer  + 10% Off Everything In Our Store!

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We keep your information private. We do not sell your information to any company.

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