What To Put On Lick Mat For Cat? Best Lick Smacking recipes

What To Put On Lick Mat For Cat

For your felines, you can add a wide variety of ingredients to their lick mat. These include spread yogurt, canned fish, minced meat, juice from BBQ chicken, crema cheese, crushed cat foods, pureed vegetables, and honey.

Here Are Some Lick-Mat Recipes For Cats:

1. You can take your cat’s favorite canned foods and add in some canned tuna. Once you make the mix, spread it over the lick mat and serve. If you like, you can also use a mix of canned cat food with canned salmon instead.
    2.  You can also use a mix of your dog’s favorite wet food instead or spread some yogurt onto a lick mat. Just be careful that you use plain, unsweetened yogurt only. 

    3. If you want a more savory treat for your cat, pour some chicken broth, bone broth, or gravy onto the lick mat.


       3 Best Lick Smacking Mat Recipes for Cats

      Here Are Some Lick-Mat Recipes For Cats

      1.Delicious Chicken Broth Recipe

      If you have any chicken broth on hand, you can make a quick and easy lick mat for your cat.

      1. First, pour your chicken broth (or bone broth) onto your lick mat.

      2. You can also add a side of gravy to the mix.

      3. Finally, top it off with some nice sardine treats or other cat treats of your choice.

      4. You can also crumble any of your cat's favorite dry food as a topping!

        2.Yummy Beef Broth Recipe

        Here's another fun and quick recipe for your feline, but we’ll be using beef broth instead.

        1. Take some low sodium, low seasoning beef or bone broth and pour it onto your lick mat. If you're in a hurry, this is a fun treat.

        2. Add a portion of cooked vegetables on the side; carrots, pumpkin, or potato will do, as long as they are cooked and cut into smaller bite-size pieces. This broth and vegetable lick mat will be a healthy treat for your cat!

          3.Classic Favorite-Canned Salmon Treats

          A fish-based recipe for your cat can also be incredibly nutritious, healthy, and simply delicious!

          1. Take some canned salmon and spread it evenly across your lick mat.

          2. For additional nutritional benefits, top it off with some cooked shredded carrots.

          3. Oh, if your cat has been on her best behavior, add a couple of freeze-dried sardine treats! This recipe may be a little fishy, but your cat will love it!

            Do You Freeze Lick Mats For Cats?

            Yes, you can also freeze lick mats for your cat!

            Best Recipes You Can Freeze For Cat On A Lick Mat

            1. Does your cat have a favorite pate canned food? You can add a bit of water to the mix, spread it into the lick mat, and let it set in the freezer. You can also add in some catnip or crunchy treats to make it more stimulating.

              2. Add some chicken broth to the lick mat for a savory treat. Just be sure to use a broth especially made for cats. It should be free of salt and other seasonings. Again, pour it onto the lick mat and freeze.

              What Are The More Popular Spreads For A Lick Mat For Cats?

              What Are The More Popular Spreads For A Lick Mat For Cats

              Some of the most popular spreads for your cat will include

              • Plain yogurt
              • Canned tuna
              • Sardines
              • Cream cheese
              • Pate
              • Wet cat foods.

              Can I Microwave A Lick Mat?

              Can I Microwave A Lick Mat

              Yup! You can pop the lick mat into the microwave if you like.

               Most Popular Recipes You Can Microwave For Cats

              1. Take some canned tuna, add some catnip, and make a mixture.

                2. You can also use canned sardines or add some cooked vegetables such as carrots or peas.

                3. Press into the lick mat and set into the microwave.

                4. Serve to your cat once done!

                There you have it, some of the top lick-mat ideas. You can use these lick-mat recipes for cats and have them enjoy their treats in a New exciting way. Be sure to see our new lick mat here


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